11 Best Foods You’re Not Eating

11 Best Foods ~ NYT

Except I’m eating them! Well, some of them.

I have a had a handful of beets in the past month. I also sat across from a friend who had a beet salad. Impressive, I know.

I love cabbage! It’s one of my favorite vegetables to buy because it’s easy to slice and cook and it freezes well. I usually lightly stir fry with onion, garlic, peppers and onions and either avoid talking to people for a day or make them eat the same thing so I’ll have company. Yum, cabbage. I hated cabbage as a kid. That and okra. Still hate okra. But it’s not on the healthy list, so there. Take that okra!

Knowing about the properties of cinnamon, I try to remember to put it on stuff but I forget. I should experiment and either come up or create a drink that uses it. But I do use it.

Pomegranate Juice
Can anyone say pomegranate margarita? Probably not what they had in mind but I try to make my forays with alcohol healthy. (see also ~ blueberries) Every now and then I drink Pom without the tequila. Loved pomegranates as a child, but no patience for all those little seeds and how they dye your hands, clothes and everything else, as an adult.

Got it. Have been known to use it when making tofu dishes.

Frozen Blueberries
Not sure why they have to be frozen unless it’s because the fresh ones are expensive. Lately, I have been all about blueberries. In my pancakes, soaked in rum (I kept eating them when I was marinating fruit for the sangria) and then in sangria. What?! I eat them plain too!

Those other things on the list not so much. Don’t know when I last had a sardine or a prune for that matter. I like prunes, though I didn’t make the connection that they were dried plums. I’m a little bummed that there aren’t prune trees somewhere out in the world.

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