2010 – Our Mutual Read & The African Diaspora Challenge

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What’s another reading challenge when I had planned to read some Victorian novels anyway?

Our Mutual Read GraphicAmanda from The Blog Jar says:

I’ve been a bit consumed by the Victorian.  It all started with reading Bleak House at the beginning of the year and the need to read Victorian novels and short stories, peppered with Neo-Victorian tales, has carried through the year.

This is my first go at hosting a challenge, so I welcome any tips.  I would especially welcome a tech-savvy soul to  construct some buttons for the challenge (hint, hint, wink, wink).

First off, some details:  This challenge will run from January 1st, 2010 to December 31st 2010.  And it is completely okay to double-dip, what you read/watch here can count on other challenges!

How to participate:  email me or leave a comment to this post and I’ll add you to the blog so you can publish your reviews/updates on Our Mutual Read.  Also, I’ll add your blog to our participant list.

Next, decide on what level you’d like to participate:
~ Level 1: 4 books, at least 2 written during 1837 – 1901.  The other books may be Neo-Victorian or non-fiction.
~ Level 2: 8 books, at least 4 written during 1837 – 1901.  The other books may be Neo-Victorian or non-fiction.
~ Level 3: 12 books, at least 6 written during 1837 – 1901.  The other books may be Neo-Victorian or non-fiction.

Then, determine if you are up to a mini-challenge:
Period Film Mini-Challenge — watch at least 6 films that take place between 1837 – 1901 (they don’t necessarily have to be based on a book) and post a review.

Short Story Mini-Challenge — read 12 short stories written or taking place between 1837 – 1901 and post a review.

I think that I am going for level 2.

I have to do some more research to see if the books of which I am thinking will actually fit. But so far I have:

  • Wuthering Heights, by Emily Bronte
  • Jane Eyre, by Charlotte Bronte
  • Agnes Grey, by Anne Bronte
  • The Mystery of Edwin Drood, by Charles Dickens
  • The Time Machine, by H.G. Wells

We are also able to mix in some neo-Victorian as well.  I know I have that.  I just have to scout around for some titles.


  • A Christmas Carol, by Charles Dickens
  • The Time Machine, by H.G. Wells

Next up,  The African Diaspora Challenge.  It falls in line with my plans for reading for the year and I have a lot of good books for it.

Here is what Browngirl, who is hosting the challenge has to say:

The African diaspora speaks mainly to the dispersion of African descendants in the Americas and Europe due to theAfrican Diaspora Map Atlantic slave trade. Yes, Africans were enslaved or migrants to other parts of the world but the term is usually in reference to the aforementioned areas. So, for this challenge, books read will be by Black authors and set in Africa, North America, South America, Central America, Caribbean Islands, and Europe. Yes, this is broad but it means the possibilities are endless. Hopefully, those who participate will gain more incite into the myriad of Black cultural experiences.

Now, for guidelines:
*This challenge will run from January 1, 2010-December 31, 2010
*Crossovers are allowed
*Fiction and nonfiction hard copies or e-books from any genre (no audio books)
*Participants should visit different geographical regions in their reading (i.e. not all African American or Afro-Brit or Haitian or any one group representing the diaspora)
*Levels of participation
Novice: commitment to read four (4) books
Versed: commitment to read eight (8) books
Scholar: commitment to read twelve (12) books
*If you need ideas,here’s a list of authors and titles in the African diaspora.
*There will be a prize drawn amongst those who complete the challenge.
*I may host a mini challenge at some point as well and there would be a prize. Only challenge participants will be eligible.

So, if you’re all to thrilled to join me, sign up below. Stay tuned for the post to submit links to your reviews. Grab a button (and save to your server). If you’re on Twitter, we’ll use this hashtag: #afrodiaspora. Make sure you follow that hashtag for updates and possible mini challenges.

Right now I am signing up for the Verse level which means I am committed to reading 8 books.

Some of them might be:

  • Black Boy, by Richard Wright
  • The Air Between Us, by Deborah Johnson
  • Ludell, by Brenda Wilkinson
  • The Invisible Man, by Ralph Ellison
  • White Teeth, by Zadie Smith


  • War Child, by Emmanuel Jal
  • Words By Heart, by Ouida Sebestyn
  • Wench, by Dolen Perkins-Valdez
  • Cornrows, by Camille Yarborough

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  1. The African challenge looks really good, but I dare not join anymore. If I manage to finish a couple of mine, I may take this one up.

    I am looking forward to the Victorian reading challenge. I am presently reading The Seance by John Harwood for it. I will probably read Boneshaker too by Cherie Priest.
    .-= vivienne´s last blog ..Three Mini Reviews =-.

    1. That is the approach that I am now taking. I am working on what I have and if I make good progress might take on a few more. Good luck with your challenges!

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