Out Of Twenty: Elena Mauli Shapiro, Author of In The Red, Answers Seven Questions

In this version of twenty questions, I send a list of questions to a willing  author and they choose their own interview by handpicking the questions (and how many!) they want to answer. Elena Mauli Shapiro is the author of  In The Red. Here is what Elena had to say about reading, writing, and her obsession with memory.

Would you give us a bit of introduction and let my readers know who you are, how you got started writing, and what kind of books you like to write?

Hello.  My name is Elena and I am a novelist.  Sometimes I write short stories, but they either turn into novels or are eaten by a novel which then incorporates pieces of the story within itself.  Basically, everything my brain does is in the service of eventually producing a novel.  It’s a chronic condition.  I have been writing stories as long as I remember.  It just took a long time before I got good enough that somebody decided to pay me.

I’ve published two novels so far.  The first, 13 rue Thérèse, is sort of a historical romance set in 1928 Paris.  The second, In the Red, is a brooding Eastern European gangster thing.  I am sometimes told that my stories are different enough that they feel as if they have been written by separate people.  While I really enjoy expanding my range as a storyteller, I can tell you that every book I write will always feature sex in some form, and that my texts will always be obsessed with memory—be it the workings of individual memory or collective memory in the forms of history and myth.

I am often struck by the different ways writers respond to the process of writing a book. Linus’s Blanket refers to my use of reading and other activities as a means of escape and comfort, can you share with us any routines, food or recipes, or favorite books or rituals that help you throughout the writing process?

I have been really into cake lately.  I love how combining four cheap, pedestrian ingredients (flour, butter, sugar, eggs) in the right way can make magic in your mouth.  It’s a miracle!  It’s a little bit like writing a book in that it involves careful layering of ingredients to produce a satisfying whole, but it’s way more awesome than a book in that, with cake, you can have yumminess within a couple of hours.  Since it often takes years for a book to take shape, it’s psychologically helpful to produce something delicious in a manageable amount of time!  I just made a Crème de Cassis cake when a friend came to visit yesterday.  Basically, find a good basic white cake recipe and add some tasty booze to the batter and you can’t go wrong.  A cake that will make you cry it is so good is this Baileys Irish Cream cake.  Strap in for some awesome.

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