8 in 8

8 Things In 8 Days

1. Downloaded a blogging client that makes it so much easier to post these things than actually going to the blogger site. So much easier.

2. Had a party on Saturday. I had stiff competition from the beach, illness and people’s propensity for going out of town for the summer, but in spite of it all I had a really good time.

3. Made sangria the first time. I made two flavors. One with apples and peaches and the other with strawberries and blueberries. I got good feedback but they both tasted very similar since I used red wine in both. Before I added the wine, and there was just the rum soaked fruit, they had very distinctive flavors. I should have used white wine with the apples and peaches, but sadly I tend to be highly prejudiced against white wine. Oh well.

4. Went shoe shopping and bought no shoes.

5. Walked to work once.

6. Added a couch to my collection.

7. Slept Sunday away because I had a bit of a hangover.

8. Went grocery shopping and actually made dinner once this week.

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