A Hodgepodge Of Links – 1/25/13

My reviews of [[[The Colour of Milk]]], [[[The Tragedy Paper]]] and [[[Level 2]]] are *thisclose* to being finished and ready to post. But it was a friend’s birthday last night and stopping by for a drink turned into keeping it light and drinking beer, which morphed into shots with the birthday girl which…you get the picture. Saying all of that to say I didn’t have it in me to put the finishing touches on anything. But oddly enough I felt like posting something, so I figured I could be trusted to share a few items kicking around in my book marked pages.

Books I Want – Found on Other Blogs

  • Angie at Angieville did the same with her review of Jodi Lyn Anderson’s Tiger Lily.

Books I’ve Read And Reviewed – Found On Other Blogs I Read



Really Random

1DA652C2516038AE4D02F55645591F39 Out of Twenty: Bernard Cornwell, Author of 1356, Answers Eleven Questions


  1. I cannot wait to read your review of The Colour of Milk. I just now turned the final page in this amazing book. Wow. I need a few days to collect my thoughts before reviewing it.

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