A Passion for Paper: Journals and Books

Journals and Books.com

Journals and Books.com

I’m not sure if I have mentioned it here (I know that I have mentioned quite a bit on Twitter) , but since July I have been going out to The Bushwick Farmers’ Market (I just realized that there are pictures of me on the website!) to volunteer on Wednesday afternoons.  I can’t share a lot of the things that I get there with you, since they are perishable (hello!), but finally I have come across something that I can share and that I think is  most book lovers’ dream…paper!

I think being a bibliophile and having a thing for paper fetish go hand in hand.  Paper is often reason that we bibliophiles stick with books in the face of emerging technology like the Nook and the Kindle.  We like the sensory experience of paper…holding a book, turning it’s pages and feeling it’s weight.  (having that if anyone wants to send me an e-reader, feel free!) We love paper…but I digress.

Over the last couple of weeks some of the most fabulous hand crafted journals with paper made by hand, little folding notebooks with matching pens, leather bound diaries filled with recycled paper, real artists’ calligraphy sets and other things that are to die for, have been showing up at the Farmers’ Market.  Being me I was immediately intrigued, and started being nosey and found that two of the organizers of the Farmers’ Market also run a business called Journal and Books, which sells guess what, the aforementioned journals and books.

There is a wealth of stuff on the site, and lest I go too crazy trying to order everything at once, they were nice enough to give me a few items to try out home, and a 25% discount for my readers.  If you see something you like on the website, the coupon code: GINGERBREAD, will give you %25 off.  They also have $2 Christmas shipping.*

A Few Things I Liked

Notebooks to go lime-dragonfly_200

I think that this Notes To Go Set might be my favorite of the items that I took home for a test drive.  I have been loving using it over the last few days.  It’s handy enough for me to keep with me when I am reading at home or on the go.  I pull it out and make notes about book quotes, questions, page numbers of yummy food, troublesome vocabulary words, and anything else I can think up.  I was keeping it solely for my reading, but pulled it out the other day to make up a grocery list!

It takes up little, to no space on my purse and is small enought to fit in my jacket pocket- and then I have pen and paper, no digging around for something to write on and with!  I am very excited about this!  Of course, my mother wants it.  And I might just get her a couple.  They come with few refills as well, but I makes stuff up so make sure you check to see if that’s true if you order one.  These are great little stocking stuffers.I love and have the pictured design, but there are many other to choose from, like argyle!

Motor cycleI don’t know what it is, but I have always had  a thing for graph paper.  I think maybe because the lines are so tiny that I don’t even have to think about staying inside the lines with my big scrawling and messy handwriting, because I  know that I can’t.  I love the soft and flexible cover on this quadrille lined notebook and the fact that I can take it with me to take a decent amount of notes (author readings, for example) and not have to try to get a big clunky notebook in my purse.  I happen to like the hot rod looks, it matches my red bag, but they have other designs as well.  You have to get your own pen though!

Rose JournalWhen you come to New York for BEA, we can all test me for color-blindness.  Looking at this in person I would say that it is a rose like color but according to the website, it is rust- it also makes a note that this doesn’t photograph well, so really either of us could be right (the website or me).  I love the little leather strap that holds this closed.  The pages are regularly lined, but I like the spacing.  The paper is nice and thick an recycled!  This notebook is really durable and can take being folded in your back pocket or can safely be tossed around with all the stuff in your bag or purse.  It’s also worth it to read through the description on the website because it talks about the eco-leather that it’s made from and how it compares to moleskin.

So if you’re still looking for a last few things for that special someone or you just want to indulge your own paper obsession run wild, take a look at Journals and Books.  They have these things I have mentioned, and a ton of other stuff at reasonable prices that might catch your fancy.

FTC Disclosure – I received these items for free for possible mention on Linus’s Blanket.  I do know the gentlemen who run the business- I volunteer at their Farmers’ Market- so whether this is payment for those services, an early birthday/Christmas gift (hint, hint), or further attempts by me to rule the world is anyone’s guess.  I am also an Amazon Associate.  I think that might not matter here, but I figured I would throw that in anyway.


  1. I have almost as many blank books for journaling as I have journals that I’ve written in since I was 12. I love pretty paper, cool journals, stationery – all paper. 🙂
    .-= Care´s last blog ..Holiday Swap News =-.

  2. Oooh I love paper! I think you are right – if you love books, you have to love paper too. I am a lister. I make lists when I feel discombobulated. Phrases come to mind while I am driving that I want to say in a review. I see a reckless driver and I need to write down a license plate number. You name it. And I never have anything with me. I may have to go shopping!