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Guidelines for review or feature consideration.

Review Policy: I am currently considering requests and emails from publicists about review and feature opportunities for publication in the Readerly Magazine and on Linus’s Blanket. Priority will be given to books I am able to consider for Readerly Magazine (to be considered books must be received at least 4-8 weeks before publication date). Books arriving later than that, particularly those arriving after pub date are  less likely to be read and reviewed. 

All books are accepted on a “consideration” basis. I cannot guarantee a review or coverage for any book that I have not read. I do not schedule review dates.

Pitches: Due to time constraints, and in consideration of my sanity, I only respond to those where I have an interest. Please feel free to follow up within a reasonable time frame (a couple of weeks?), but after that my non-response should be considered a polite “no”. You should absolutely pitch other books in the future if you feel they might be an appropriate fit based on others books I have enjoyed. When pitching, please include the following information within the text of the email: the book’s title, author, a summary, the publisher, and the release date. Other attachments will be considered, but a concise summary/overview is much appreciated.

Unsolicited Review Copies: I do accept unsolicited review copies for consideration, but I cannot guarantee a review.

Books I Love to Review:

  • Retellings of classic works and historical novels and bios based on the classic authors.
  • Literary Fiction
  • Historical Fiction
  • Women’s Fiction
  • Mysteries/Suspense Fiction
  • Fashion, Lifestyle, Popular Science and Pop Culture.
  • Cookbooks & Food-based Memoirs/Non-Fiction
  • Historical and Narrative Non-Fiction
  • Dystopian Fiction
  • Graphic Novels/Memoirs
  • Teen/YA (Paranormal & Dystopian)

ARCs vs. Finished Copies: I prefer finished copies to ARCs. I will happily accept either format for review consideration, but due to space constraints ARCS are recycled upon release date whether I have been able to read and review them or not. I do keep finished copies to review or use in other features, either here or at Bloggers Recommend, so please provide a finished copy whenever possible.

Author Interviews, Guest Posts, and Giveaways: I do not participate in blog tours. I conduct author interviews or ask for guest posts when I have read a book and would love to feature the author or if the author is one whose work I am highly anticipating. I also do giveaways in cooperation with publishers and publicists.

Copyright: Please do not copy any of my reviews, interviews, or other features and posts without my written permission. Content for Linus’s Blanket and Readerly Magazine is exclusive to their respective sites and not to be used without the required permissions.

Disclosure: The links in each of my posts are affiliate links. If you make a purchase through these links, I receive a small amount of commission.