1. zibilee

    I have read a few Amy Einhorn books, and have to say that I think the quality of they all possess is above and beyond. I think my favorite so far has been The Gods of Gotham. Dark, gritty and just all around intriguing. Good luck with this perpetual challenge!

  2. Beth F

    I of course *love* this post! And you reminded me I never put up the 2013 link page for the challenge. That’s corrected now too. I can understand not wanting to read every single book. But really, I’ve pretty much loved each and every one.

    • I think it’s mostly the non-fiction ones and memoirs that I am not that keen on, but that’s just my personal reading preference. But then I was just thinking the other day that I might revisit that decision a little later on after I have read more of the fiction.

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