1. A buffet of books! This is a great idea. I don’t think I could pull it off though 😉

    The Other Typist sounds particularly interesting to me.

  2. Good strategy. I can’t think of the last time I loved a book that I didn’t love right away in the first 20-30 pages. (I have had books that I loved the beginning of and then they fell apart, though).

    I want to read The Other Typist. My husband’s aunt was one of the first female police officers in her city. She had pretty interesting stories to tell.

    • You will probably love The Other Typist, Ali! Especially having those stories in the back of your head.

      This was a pretty good batch of books. Some that I wasn’t sure of really picked up within the 30-50 page range. I think generally, if you think a book is good within 50, it will be, just as long as it isn’t too long.

    • I would have finished The Other Typist but some of the peeps on Twitter are doing a readalong of it in May. I am going to do that You should join!

  3. The Other Typist is a FANTASTIC book! I highly recommend you read the rest, especially if you like mysteries!

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