That’s How I Blog! Chat With Allie (Hist-Fic Chick)

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That’s How I Blog! is my long missing talk show where I interview bloggers about what they read growing up, what’s on their bookshelves and how they fell into the world of blogging. It’s in a bit of transition as I try to figure out the best way to host it and where (it could possibly end up being here permanently), but in the meantime, I have been steadily recording shows. I will be posting them here until I can get all of the details sorted.

I recorded this show a few months ago, when Allie from Hist-Fic Chick had just moved out to California. I met Allie last year at BEA and we quickly became very good friends over a shared loved of books, wine and fine dining. It helped that she lived right across the park from me and could always be lured out to drink and eat pretty regularly. Listening to this interview reminded me (as if I needed reminding) of just how awesome she is and how much I miss her. If you love historical fiction or you think you might love historical fiction you should definitely tune in because Allie gave a TON of great recommendations of historical fiction. We also chatted about some of those racy historical fiction covers, which historical recipes Allie has tried out, what she read as a little girl, if she will ever be able to color code her bookshelves, and much, much more.

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Those reading this post on a feed reader will likely have to click through to the actual blog post to listen to the interview.

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  1. I do really like these too. I have to plan WHEN I’m going to listen (when I have the house to myself) though. So I’ll make sure and come back at a strategic time to learn more about Allie.

  2. Really interesting interview. It’s funny because I am a history buff and even got my degree in History and I read virtually no historical fiction. This interview has given me some good suggestions on some books to try. Glad to see this feature back on your blog. I really enjoy it!