Bloggiesta: Update #2


I have another 5 hours to report on for Bloggiesta.

  • I ate up major time playing with themes.  Frequent visitors will have noticed that they have as much chance heading over here for a new theme as a new post.  I think my huge problem is column width and a few other things that I can’t seem to combine into one freebie theme.   At some point I will probably spring for a custom one, but I’ve settled on one for the next week at least. This really shouldn’t surprise me.  I change my furniture constantly too.  It might be an issue thing, as in I have issues. Like book addiction it’s not the worst problem to have.
  • I updated my gravatar so that it shows up everywhere I go.
  • The Website Grader said I need to add myself to some directories because I am not listed at the big ones like DMOZ and Yahoo!, so I added myself to those and a bunch of other.  I really thought Yahoo! would have been automatic.

So far I have worked for 11 hours.  I had company all day and until 2.  I am sneaking in a few hours this morning while they are asleep so I think I will finish up with about 14 Bloggiesta hours.

Not bad for dealing with house guests!

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