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Bloggiest, Maw Books Blog(Isn’t this a cute button?)

Natasha at Maw Books Blog has come up with a great new blogging event to bring us together in the pursuit of catching up.

The Bloggiesta will focus on blog content, improving/cleaning up your blog or working on your social network profiles.  I’m pretty open on what you can do during the bloggiesta but reading actually won’t count!  I know, I know.   The point is to catch up instead of adding another book to the “to be reviewed” pile. Actual blog content is what I’m really aiming for with some technical/housekeeping bloggy stuff mixed in for good measure.

I wasn’t sure that I was e going to be able to participate since I was supposed to have company this weekend, but with the London weather all the rain in NYC that may be postponed until another date.  In any case, I will do as much as I can according to my plans, and how they may or may not, change.

If last minute you want to join in and do some catch up work in your blog, head on over to Natasha’s starting line post, where she outlines the events for the day and all the rules and mini- challenges, etc.   It starts Friday at 8am on your time and ends on Sunday at 8am.  The hours that you work on the tasks you have chosen do not have to be consecutive and you should aim to spend 18-20 hours working on it, but of course, whatever you do is fine.

Here are some things I will be working on:

  • Typing up review posts-  I write all of my reviews by hand first, I think much better that way, so I have a ton sitting around in a notebook that need to go up.
  • Determine and create/edit categories and tags
  • Write Dial M For Murder Review
  • Literary Feast Posts
  • This Just In posts (I have a backlog of these- buying too many books again)
  • Update Fiction and Non-Fiction review pages
  • Create and update challenge lists and posts.  Post reviews to challenge blogs.
  • Collect blogging ideas from all the random scraps of paper and combine in one list
  • Update Blogroll
  • Write my June specific post

We’ll see how much I can accomplish!  I always end up doing mor socializing than anything else.


  1. You write all of your reviews by hand first? Wow!!! I never knew that. How interesting. I think I would get frustrated with how slow I write compared to how fast I type. You’ve got a great list! Good luck!

  2. Your London weather comment cracked me up! It’s so true though, it’s been misery here as well. Today is the first day we had any level of sunlight at all although I have to say its slowly becoming more gloomy as I speak. 🙁

    I’m going to be Bloggiesta’ing as well. I’ve got a bunch of stuff on my to-do list so if nothing else it will help me stay organized even after this weekend is over. I hope anyway. Good luck!

  3. “Collect blogging ideas from all the random scraps of paper and combine in one list.

    Ohh I never considered cleaning up my pile of scrap papers! I’ve got notes jotted and laying all over the place (even in my car) Thanks for the idea, it’s definitely something I need to do.
    Best of luck with your Bloggiesta list 🙂
    .-= Joanne´s last blog ..Bloggiesta Time! =-.

  4. That button reminds me of Snoopy going at his typewriter. 🙂 Speaking of falling behind, I’ve gotta catch up with blog reading and attending to comments.

  5. I wish you all the best! How are you doing? I like your blockquote, it looks really nice when in contrast with the background of your post, and set next to the bloggiesta icon.

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