Better Late Than Never – Bones: Episode 6.1, The Mastodon In The Room

So it seems that I am destined to be attending book festivals during the season premiere episode of Bones.  I started the trend last year when I was at National Book Festival and continued the trend this year with my visit to Baltimore Book Festival.  While there I roomed with Allie from Hist-Fic Chick and I roped her into watching Bones and then later brought her up to speed on Private Practice.

I loved the season opener and in a lot of ways, thought it perfectly captured what might have happened in seven months to both the relationship between Booth and Brennan, and to the relationships of this team.  Booth and Brennan are called back by Ms. Julian from their respective missions in Afghanistan and Indonesia, to help solve the disappearance of a missing child.  Cam, is about to be declared incompetent in her job so that she can be moved out of the way for political reasons, and of course her current staff is woefully not up for the job of solving the case that can save her career.  Enter Caroline to deftly tell everyone just the thing that will make them return.

I love the way the episode started off by revisiting the last few moments from the final episode of Season 5.  The hands mean so much, and we see Booth pull his hands away and walk off, which is very representative of the distance that seems to be rolling off of him present day.  It was a new thing to watch Brennan work to keep the conversation going, and to look for things to say.  My heart broke a little for her when she finds out that Booth has found someone else.  She is quick to point out the Booth has arrested her as well when he tells her that’s how he met Hannah.

One of the underlying themes of this episode centered on the debate of just who  acts as the linchpin of the group.  Cam’s angry outburst at Brennan for putting her selfish needs and desires above everyone else’s sets the stage for this to be explored, and I love the resulting exploration, but it is also the weakest part of the episode. (Well, aside from the fact that it only took Booth 7 months to get over the love he had for Brennan and to fall completely in love with someone else.  So not buying it) It was always unrealistic that everyone just decided to up and leave the Jeffersonian for a year , and if Cam was ever going to have an angry moment, it seems that she would have had this conversation with Brennan and the others when they were making their plans to leave.

To the show’s credit they use this moment to display the growth the Brennan has undergone in the last 7 months.  Brennan may not have found the origins of humanity in Indonesia, but she seems to be more firmly in touch with her own, and she takes it upon herself to track down her staff, notice and praise them for their work, and genuinely reaches out and shows affection – much to Caroline’s chagrin.

I haven’t got that much to say for Booth because, there is just not much to say for someone who is trying to build a life on denial.  I was very interested in the fact that Sweets and Daisy are set up to be the mirrors of Brennan and Booth, and that Daisy has realized the error of her ways in putting her career above everything else, ‘like her mentor”. Booth has advised Sweets to just move on, but it is unlikely that he will be able to do it. Booth won’t be able to either.

Who else glad when Sweets loses the facial hair?  Wendell looks good in a tank top.  Cam is still her beautiful and stylish self.  I am looking to see whether she and her doctor dude are still an item and more on her relationship with her daughter Michelle. Angela and Hodgins pregnant are ridiculously cute. I am so glad that the gang is all back, even though summer had to end for me to be able to see them all again on a weekly basis.  Oh and, loved Daisy’s “Monday” undies and the way that Brennan decides to show their would be attackers that they are female by switching her hips and flipping her hair.  She looked ridiculous and as we could see that it didn’t stop anyone at all.

I have neglected to mention the cases very much but I was touched by the woman whose baby had died accidentally and their brief discussion of North Korean culture.  I just love those little teaching moments as they are putting together the case.  Boo to the father who had kidnapped his own child to bring misery to the child’s mother.   Did he want her back  Just wanted to see her suffer?  Oh well, now he’s just going to jail.

Is everyone ready to meet Hannah tomorrow night?

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  1. This just occurred to me while reading your recap… I wonder how much of Booth’s gambling nature is going into this “love” for Hannah. I mean, he knew he loved Bones. He “knew” he could have a life with her. He knows that no matter what, they have some sort of life together, even if they are not “together.” Hannah is a wild card. She is obviously a wild woman, I think you would have to be to do what she does. I don’t see it a guarantee that she would want to stay in DC forever. Hannah is the bigger gamble for Booth and I think he finds that exciting. He’ll come around. HE HAS TOO! lol