Bones, Vamps & Other TV Scamps (3)

Bones ???

The question marks are because I am trying very hard to figure out what show this is I am watching.  You would think that I would have a big rant after last night’s debacle, but I have nothing because I don’t even know what show I am watching and after last night, I’m pretty much done.

I actually paid attention to the case, and had figured out that it was the cop who had done it.  I loved seeing a little Hodgins and Angela interaction, even though I am not sure why Angie was so inspired by the murder house, and why Hodgins had to buy that exact one.  They couldn’t get something in the same neighborhood?  Clark and Cam’s interaction cracked me up.

The rest —- MEH!

Brennan chasing down Hannah and trying to save the friendship.  Them having drinks.  Totally – WTF moments.  Also, don’t care.

Booth spilling their biz to Hannah and lying that she told him she loved him, huh?  Booth can you go back and WATCH the last episode where she said to you that she didn’t want to have regrets.  That she wanted to try.  You can at least listen to what she says.  The prominent display of the non-COCKY belt buckle on Booth.

So not even worth me trying to type up a post about it.  Just… whatever.

1DA652C2516038AE4D02F55645591F39 Using Childhood Memories To Tell A Story, by James LePore

Why wasn’t Private Practice on last night?  Or Grey’s?  Stop bringing shows back for one or two episodes and then disappearing them again!  It’s annoying.

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    1. I can’t even believe Smallville still comes on. I never did watch that, and was never able to get into the Tudors. Once it goes off, I will likely be all over it.

    1. Sheila, it is a terrible thing when the writers of a show you watch just start writing some other show. Hope it doesn’t happen to you!

    1. I ask every week whether the writers watch their own show. It’s so crazy. I have no idea what story or whose story they are telling but it’s not the one I had been watching. The sad part is that they have run it into the ground so much, that it’s not even worth watching anymore.

  1. I’ve watched only half of one episode all year. I try every week, but it’s just not the same show anymore. And unless they come up with a REALLY good explanation for the weirdness (I wonder if they’re going to pull a coma dream switcheroo or something. I think the fact that I’m entertaining that as a desirable option is a testament to how bad this season has been), I doubt I’ll be watching next season. I can’t believe how thoroughly the writers have messed up one of the best shows on TV.

    1. It’s sad because I can’t see how they can possibly fix this. I am with you on the coma version of the show. It would be lame, but no lamer than everyone leaving the Jeffersonian, and at least I could just pretend none of this ever happened and move on. It’s a bad thing when fans want that. They lost the heart of this show. I watched it and enjoyed the hour, but now it’s just so depressing. I don’t watch tv to be sad.