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The space between them. It just grows.

I started out this television season very excited to talk about mainly Bones, but something happened after watching the first show of the season.  My Bones love started to die a little, and I could  barely bring myself to post about them.  I wasn’t even watching the episodes in a timely fashion.  I would let a few pile up and then I wasn’t all that happy when I saw them.  I usually stick with shows that I love and take them for what they are, warts and all, but this season is just not what I have been looking for in a television show, especially one whose characters I have come to know and love.

For the first time I have found myself looking around the characters of Booth and Brennan and looking forward to scenes with even people like Daisy.  I hate how I barely show anything about Angela and Hodgins and their marriage, but have had to endure Hannah and Booth in bed, Hannah injured in her career, Hannah bonding wih Brennan, Hannah bonding with Parker.  Are you starting to get the picture?  When she’s not there, conversations are about her.  At this point Booth has not been Booth and I really don’t even want him for or with Brennan – even as a partner.  He has been cold and dismissive.  She has been fabulous this year and I want her to move on and get somebody wonderful.  Yes, in the real world relationships can become painful and awkward when feelings are unrequited.  It sucks to love someone who doesn’t love you back, but I really don’t need to be beat over the head with this every week for an hour.  This show used to be about relationships, and interactions between characters I had come to love and enjoy.  Now, not so much.

I love Cam.  If I could see her a little more than I see Hannah, that would be great.  I love Angela and Hodgins, ditto.  I miss the squinterns.  Believe me, I get that Booth is in a relationship and is the happiest that he has ever been.  So happy that he blows off the pregnancy announcement of two very excited and very good friends, friends who have worked to save his life, because Hannah was coming back home (where they both live and sex each other up all the time, as per the show).  Who is this guy?  They have never showed Booth in his apartment as much as they have this season.  Frankly, I’m not interested in Hannah and their relationship.  No other outside relationship has ever eaten the show like this.  This is not Bones.  I really think the intention is to punish Brennan, and anyone who has seen her pov.  She has now been broken, and realizes the error of her ways, but I am sure we can punish her for another eight episodes now that she has admitted she has regrets concerning Booth.

Miraculously, this last episode, The Doctor in the Photo, has helped some fans to think there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  I think they have not placed a roadblock for Bones and Booth so much as they have blown up the road.  There comes a time when enough things happen that you don’t want a certain couple together.  It is possible to kill the magic.  Amy reminded me of Derek calling Meredith a whore on Grey’s Anatomy. There are things you don’t come back from.  Your best friend crying in the car beside you and you telling her that the current girl isn’t a consolation prize and asking her if you can call someone to be with her??? Really.  There are things that romantic television couples do not come back from.

I didn’t expect him to break up with Hannah, but where is his compassion?  I feel nothing from him anymore toward her.  As illogical as his relationship is with Hannah, this seems to be where his heart is at, and more than anything else I am just curious to what they come up with.  I doubt deeply that I will feel the same about this duo again.  I want her to be assigned someone new from the FBI to work with.

The Doctor in the Photo was very heavy handed to me, and that is a term I don’t use because I think it rarely applies.  But here.  Yes.  The lonely doc, who lines up her vegetables in the fridge and sadly cooks dinner for her friends, all couples.  She has no date.  Umm, Brennan has always at the very least been capable of dating and having sexual relationships.  Booth was uncomfortable with her sexuality and how openly she both discusses and expresses it.  Now she can’t scare up a date for a dinner party?  She parallels the Dr. who went missing, “quietly”, to her own life?  Brennan would be missed.  Angela was hired at the Jeffersonian at least in part because she was a friend of Brennan’s.  She put herself out on an emotional limb to bond with Sweets and she made Booth do it too.  She has made connections and she has friends.  People would miss her.

Brennan may be awkward, but she has always had relationships.  She has built a relationship, albeit reluctantly, with her brother, and even her dad.  And now I am supposed to buy that she has no one and nothing besides work?  I guess without a man, all that other stuff just goes right out the window.  I just can’t drink this kool-aid  they have served up about Brennan.  Sometimes I think writers lose track of the story that they have been telling.  The story that they told for the last FIVE  years just doesn’t mesh with what is going on this year.

That said, Emily Deschanel knocked it out of the park Thursday night.  I don’t buy the episode, nor did it make sense, but she sold the material.  If I am supposed to not like Booth this season, then David has done a fantastic job as well.

In the future if I write these posts they will be about Bones (if I’m still watching the show), Vampire Diaries and whatever other TV has crossed my path.  My Bones rant was the order of the day today.

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And no Hart, I still don’t love Hannah.

Who loves Hannah?  Booth?  Bones?

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  1. We just started this series — as in we watched episode 3 from season 1 last night. I’m undecided about it. My background should have made me love the show but I seem to be fairly neutral.

    1. I remember not being into Bones right away. I started watching mid season one I think. Abandoned it and maybe discovered it again midway through season two and watched it and then went back and watched from the beginning. It was not love at first sight.

  2. You called this episode heavy handed, but it feels to me like the whole season has been pushing this one point down our throats — a point that we the viewers have known and deeply understood for well more than a year. The whole season is maybe heavy handed.

    When speaking of their pivotal interaction in this latest episode, as always, I can see both sides. The way they wrote the story, Brennan needed to reach a realization. That realization. And I can even see Booth not immediately acquiescing (like Jess in Gilmore Girls, right after the Dean breakup at the charity dance, he had business to take care of). But yes, he was cold. And he hasn’t been himself. And even though his current girl shares my name, I don’t like her or the focus on her. The scene of her meeting Parker was maybe the only interesting one with her all year.

    1. You are absolutely right. The entire season has been heavy handed, but this one just took it to the extreme. Really…enough. The really sad part is not only do I not acre about them being together, but I don’t even care about their friendship/partnership.

      Brennan did need something to make her come to some realizations, but we (or at least I) have slowly been seeing her come to this as she sees Booth move on (so thoroughly I might add). For her own growth, I am glad that she had the courage to voice what she wanted and to be vulnerable the way she was. For him to be so cold when he especially would know how much that takes from her just makes their whole relationship dead for me, if it’s even possible for him to be any deader to me after this season. Hopefully that brain tumor is back and has been eating his brain since Afghanistan which would be silly, but can you see how they come back from this?

      I hate that Parker magically loves her after they talk basketball, when it seemed that he was kind of “meh” about her initially.

      1. Yes, I was seeing her, slowly, reach this conclusion over time. It was in her eyes, I thought. And in every time she expressed happiness that he was happy. I agree, too, that we haven’t seen nearly enough of the show’s other people this season.

        1. It’s cause Hannah and Booth were frolicking, or maybe she was in the hospital or talking to Parker and winning him over. I want to know if Cam is still with her gynecologist? If Hodgins and Angela have had her dad over to dinner? And where is Bones’ family? Or Miss Julian? I think Hannah ate them.

  3. I stopped watching Bones a season or maybe two seasons ago now, but I still can “keep up” from the previews, and I can definitely see your point. I caught the scene with Brennan crying while Booth is driving, and I sort of rolled my eyes. Booth seemed very unBoothlike, and I can see by your post that this seems to be a common occurrence this season – the unBoothlikeness.

    I can’t believe they tried to set Brennan up as some sort of recluse with no life. As you say, she’s always had access to dating partners, she most definitely has friends, etc. So now they want to set her up as being pitiful? Before she was strong but quirky.

    Too bad the show is taking such a ridiculous turn. I watch Supernatural, and something similar is happening this season. It’s like the characters have all become entirely new people. Strange.

    1. Exactly Trisha. She was a little weird and maybe her people skills weren’t the best, but she liked music, went dancing, dated all the time and had friends. She would mention her interests. She was not at home making sure her produce lined up in the refrigerator.

      I stopped watching Supernatural awhile back. The only thing I can say is that writers or whoever decide not to resolve a storyline until the show ends, and just get more and more ridiculous in trying to cause conflict. I am willing to watch a show with relatively few complaints as long as the story is consistent with the characters created by the WRITERS and the story they originally started telling me.

    1. Up until this season I would have said both. If you like forensics shows with people drama and vampires, try both. Skip Season 6 of Bones though. It’s been torture.

  4. After watching the show, I do think from an artistic standpoint it was beautiful. I don’t think that it was about how the show was trying to portray Brennan but rather how she feared she those days while she was still wrestling with the change in her relationship with Booth due to the Hannah monster. I agree he was a total jerk and I still think the Hannah relationship is completely unrealistic.

    Having said that, I don’t trust Booth anymore, and I would love to see her in a happy healthy relationship with someone else. She has touched my heart on numerous occasions this season, with her growing openness.

    The producers on this show definitely think they are telling a different story than the one I’m getting.

    (haha I”m laughing that Hannah said you could see it in her eyes…)

    1. It was beautifully and artistically shot and I probably would not have had such a problem with it if it had been shown in a season with any kind of balance. In the context that it was shown it was just more of the same heavy handedness of this entire season. But it was very much like A Christmas Carol/holiday episode with that woman as her ghost of Christmas present. I’m not even sure that the security guard was a real friend and not a figment of her imagination. It reminded me of that dream episode that ended Season 4. LOL – the one where Booth has a brain tumor. Maybe it returned? 🙂

      I agree completely about not trusting Booth. If he says I love you what is it supposed too mean now? They seem to be setting it up so that Hannah will maybe want a more fulfilling career, but what then? Bones gets to be the consolation prize?

      What show are they watching? They need to pass out the 3-D glasses that let’s us see it their way!

  5. Hannah is too perfect. It’s irritating. Like someone said above, I only liked Hannah’s scene with Parker. Other than that, I’m tired of her. Ok we get it, Booth has moved on and is happy.

    I also agree with people who have said that Bones needed to come to this realization, she needed to have that breakdown. Now she just has to find someone!

    But yes, the whole time, I kept thinking “But Bonest you have all your interns and readers and Hodgins, Angela, Booth, Cam,Sweets, etc. who would miss you!” But she was so busy over identifying, she forgot all that.

    I want more Cam! Whatever happened to that doctor she started dating?? Did I miss something or did he completely disapear?

    1. While I did want Bones and Booth together, I am fine with the fact that he has moved on or whatever, but yes- just shut up about Hannah already. To think that anyone cares about this girl when we have been watching Bones and Booth for five years is just crazy. I am especially not going to love her when she stops me from seeing the other characters. Awhile back I had heard that they were supposed to maybe bring the doc back for a few episodes. He was really cute and I loved the storyline where Cam is trying to find Michelle a gyno. She really tries to be a good mother! I guess at least we got the college episode this season.

      I am hoping that Bones does not shut down completely and that this has cleared the way for her to find someone. I guess we just have to keep our fingers crossed. 🙂

  6. Hi Nicole,

    I saw your picture in the PW and thought I’d look your blog up. I love book blogs and am always looking for new ones to visit.

    I haven’t watched Bones this season, I guess because they refuse to put Bones and Booth together. So I’m like who is Hannah LOL.

    I like your blog, so I’ll be visiting again.

  7. I admit after the first few episodes with Hannah I lost interest in Bones and with so little time (hello, baby Gage) I have not kept up. I am sorry to read that it has gotten worse! You are right, there are things couples shouldn’t recover from, even if tv writers think fated characters can conquer anything. Sometime they take the shine off for the viewer without meaning to.

  8. Right on. I’ve loved this show since the beginning and now this season has gone completely bonkers. It’s like it’s a whole new set of writers and they’ve forgotten what has made the show so amazing…the characters and their relationships and it just happens to be a pretty cool crime show as well. I hate Hannah. Kill her off and then we’ll see…grrr.