Book Bulletin: Down To A Sunless Sea


I’m halfway through the collection of stories that makes up Down to a Sunless Sea by Matthias B. Freese.  So far trouble lives and troubled minds seem to make up the bulk of these stories.  So far all the characters have been distinct in their craziness and their family situations.  Some are more accessible than others.  The title story totally escaped me thought it is fairly straightforward, a boy growing up the subject of varying abuses.  I think I was waiting for a point, and I don’t think that there is any.  In that way a lot of these short stories seem to be more like vignettes and character sketches. I found the The Chatham Bear, about bear sighting in a suburban community, to be especially intriguing in its absurdity and will more than likely give it a re-read.

On to the second half.

What book are you reading?  What are your thoughts so far?

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  1. i absolutely love this look 🙂 [ ok this is the 2nd time i m telling u the same 🙂
    well.. i would get bored of so much character sketch and sadness 🙁
    I m reading Hogfather 🙂

  2. Right now I’m reading “Diary of a Teenage Fairie Princess”. It’s not quite what I thought it would be but I’m sticking it out.

  3. Lately I have read quite a few book that were not what I expected. Not in a bad way. I think I was just distracted an not paying attention when I read what they were about

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