Book Club Pick: Amaryllis in Blueberry, by Christina Meldrum

My habit of posting about the books that my book club is reading has fallen by the wayside in months of late.  And I have several books clubs! So that is many books that I need to catch up on. Is anyone in a book clubs and in just one book club?

Anyway, Amaryllis in Blueberry by Christina Meldrum is the pick for my Skype book club  the first weekend in May. I haven’t read anything by Christina Meldrum before, but I think I remember that my friend Natasha really liked her young adult offering Madapple. Based on that, I am hoping for a good read.

Jacket Copy:

Meet the Slepys: Dick, the stern doctor, the naive husband, a man devoted to both facts and faith; Seena, the storyteller, the restless wife, a mother of four, a lover of myth. And their children, the Marys: Mary Grace, the devastating beauty; Mary Tessa, the insistent inquisitor; Mary Catherine, the saintly, lost soul; and finally, Amaryllis, Seena’s unspoken favorite, born with the mystifying ability to sense the future, touch the past and distinguish the truth tellers from the most convincing liar of all.

When Dick insists his family move from Michigan to the unfamiliar world of Africa for missionary work, he can’t possibly foresee how this new land and its people will entrance and change his daughters—and himself—forever.

Nor can he predict how Africa will spur his wife Seena toward an old but unforgotten obsession. In fact, Seena may be falling into a trance of her own.

First Sentence:

Dick is dead.

Wow. Talk about getting right to the point. What immediately caught my interest is that Dick is forcing his family into something they don’t want to do, and in a foreign country, and into (what is in my mind questionable) being missionaries. Naturally there is lots of background that will be uncovered once I begin to read the book, but I would say that Dick didn’t put himself in the best of circumstances, and I think that what those circumstances lead to, will likely make for a very good book club discussion.

Several blogging friends have weighed in on Amaryllis and they all had love for this book ranging from soulful and beautiful writing, complex themes and flawed nut realistic characters confronting their own fallibility. for more information before I check in with my thoughts, please look to : Booking MamaDevourer of BooksMy Friend Amy – Bookworm With A View & Bermudaonion. And if books trailer are your thing, this book has one that nicely gives some hints as to the story you can expect without giving away too much else. It’s really nicely done in the way that it piques interest. It has me looking forward to sitting down and reading.


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    1. I saw the stars that you gave it. Won’t read the review til I have read it for myself. I guess it will make for interesting discussion!

  1. I am in two book clubs and it’s kind of mystifying how I have the time to read both books each month! I bought this book several weeks ago, after reading a few wonderful reviews, and am eager to check it out, but recently I have read some less than stellar reviews as well. I think the only real way for me to make up my mind on this book is to read it for myself and see what I think of it. Are you planning on posting your book club’s reactions to it?

    1. I know. I am pretty over committed with my group reads, but oh well. I always intend to report back, so this time you will keep me honest.

  2. This is one that I have no desire to read, but I do think it would make a good book club book. There is just so much going on with the religious aspect, being in a foreign country, etc. Oh, and I love that first line.

    1. Natasha mentioned that a fair amount of people had issues with Madapple. I think trippy intensity is probably why. I’m up for it though.