Book Giveaway ~ Lost


lost2I read and reviewed Lost, by Cathy Ostlere over the summer.  This book is out in Canada already, but here in the US, it’s still an ARC.  It comes out in March 2009.  I would love to pass my looks-brand-new/once-read copy of this book along to someone else who is willing to read and review it, if not on their own blog, then by submitting their review for me to post here at Linus’s Blanket. This will be an international giveaway, so all are welcome to enter.

To enter pick one of the  options from the list and complete it’s requirements.  You may choose only one option out of options I, II and III.   Your selected option will give you the stated number of entries.  You may not mix and match.

Please remember to leave a way that I can contact you in the event that you win.  This is very important.  If I don’t have contact information I will automatically select another winner upon realization that I don’t have your contact info.

I. Simply comment for one entry.  Make sure you leave a way for me to contact you when you win!

II. Comment and blog about it for three  entries. Show me the link.  If you don’t have a blog you can tweet it, or just e-mail it to three people who might be interested and let me know that’s what you did.

To be influenced by me read my initial thoughts on Lost go here. My final thoughts are here.

Deadline to enter is Sunday, November 9th at 7pm (EST). Winner will be announced later that evening.

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  1. I am surely dreaming that I read this is an international giveaway 😀
    I really did read it in the post, and I read your review of LOST!
    Thanks Nicole is the ONLY thing I can SAY! LOL! thanks!
    enter me
    enter me
    enter me
    😀 “)