Book Selfie: The Intern’s Handbook by Shane Kuhn

The Intern's Handbook

I’m Natalie, a new contributor to Linus’s Blanket(and also Nicole’s cousin), blogging about teen reads.It’s been four hours into the Readathon and I’ve basically been reading for four hours. Minus the in between breakfast, booktube video(which will be posted soon enough), and a selfie. Now you may ask, “what does a selfie have to do with the Readathon?” Well it counts if it’s with a book you’re reading in the Readathon. Especially if it’s your kick starter book.

The Intern’s Handbook is about this organization that recruits people they feel don’t have any emotion towards the human race. Namely, orphans. I mean, if you pair that personality with being an assassin, you’re going to get death, death, and more death. I wouldn’t necessarily say this book is about assassins. Well not the movie kind anyway. When I think of assassins I think about ninjas; the assassins in this book dress normal, look normal, and pose as interns. Then when they get emotionally close enough to their target they finish the real task. It’s a good book but kind of a morbid way to start the Readathon. Buuuuut, a selfie can surely remove all the sociopathicness.



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  1. Hi Natalie … I’ve been following your fab cousin Nicole for years and will look forward to your posts!