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This week’s question is suggested by Kat:

I recently got new bookshelves for my
room, and I’m just loving them. Spent the afternoon putting up my books
and sharing it on my blog . One of my friends asked a question and I
thought it would be a great BTT question. So from Tina & myself,
we’d like to know “How do you arrange your books on your shelves? Is it by author, by genre, or you just put it where it falls on?”

My books are arranged pretty haphazardly (I love this word!).  I have three bookcases and also the tops of two closets and an entire linen closet that I have devoted to books, and they are all just mixed in and laying around together.  Fiction with non-fiction, "A" authors next to "Z" authors, literary magazines next to books, hardcovers next to paperbacks.  I think we all get the idea.  The one little bookcase  that  I have in my bedroom is more exclusive since it tends to be books that have newly arrived, and that I will be reading in the next couple of months or so.  Even then they are not in any particular order, and still somehow I always know what I am looking for.  I do like my books to be about the same height next to each other, that might be the one criteria that I have.  Tallest to shortest.

How about you?  Are your shelves in any particular order?

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  1. I forgot about all the books I have in closets. Usually books I plann sometime to get rid of but haven’t. I think my hardbacks are stacked by size, author. I put the lighter ones on the top shelves.

  2. I’m going to sound like a total nerd here, but I organize my books alphabetically, first by the author’s last name then by title. At least for the one’s on my bookcase I do. I have another set of books which I keep on a nightstand which are just thrown down there pretty willy-nilly. Still, I have to keep my books pretty organized. Otherwise, how would I ever find anything?

  3. I think I need a small bookcase for the bedroom. I like the idea of having my TBR in the near future books there. I organize by authors and/or genres.

  4. I love the tallest to shortest idea — I find myself doing that sometimes.
    I divide mine into TBR and finished. Most of the TBR are arranged HAPHAZARDLY, except for matching sets (usually gifts from Hubby) that take pride of place in the living room. But the finished books get arranged according to a couple of systems: all books on the Modern Library Top 100 Novels are grouped together and after that, they are grouped by . . . .
    . . . . ok, I admit it — COLOR.

  5. Thanks for visiting my blog! I don’t really have a system either, it does seem that a lot of us like to dedicate a shelf to the new shiny books!

  6. That’s interesting that you arrange by size as well. I’ve done that from time to time too. Thanks for your comment on my BTT post.

  7. I shelf my books by author’s last name in alphabetical order. For fiction and literature, I single out the ones to be re-read and put them on a different case.