Can I Do It In Time?

been trying really hard to finish North River by Pete Hammill for a
book club meeting that I have tonight and I am having the hardest time. It’s just not my type or style of book. While I’m reading it, I manage to get through but once I put it down, it’s really hard to pick back up. And,
it’s throwing me off schedule with everything else because I made the
commitment this year to actually read one book at a time and not start
anything else until I finish. Bummer. I’m on page 105 and I need to be on page 334. I have to read at lunch and then go right home after work and see how far I can get before I have to show up at 7:30. I think I might speed read this one, and I usually never do that for fiction.


I’m a little intrigued because I don’t know why this book is bothering me so much. To me, it’s light summer fare. Well not light in terms of it being funny, but not a hard read-it’s a bit of a mystery. I think the author should have branched out a little bit in his word choices. He refers to a 3 year old kid in the book as the boy. And it’s always the boy this and the boy that. I guess there’s a falseness in the dialogue and the character’s inner life that bugs me. It’s
also annoying that since I have procrastinated on it, it’s taking a
long for me to get through a book that shouldn’t be taking up so much
of my time. And I’m not compelled by enough interest in the characters
to finish it. I might be very quiet tonight. Oh boy!

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