Catching Up -Some Book Expo Highlights

the girls

Even without Book Expo America, May was a whirlwind. This time always comes and goes so quickly.

Lydia, Swapna and Nicole.

Unlike BEA’s past I spent a lot of time trying to resist bringing books home with me. I was somewhat successful in my endeavor.  I probably brought home about one day’s worth of what I brought home last year. As usual, for me, it was all about the people. I got to see some friends, whom I don’t often get to see, I got to meet new bloggers and bloggers whom I have known for years online, but just got to meet in person.

I started off the week with my Agave crew. We like to meet before the start of BEA. It’s kind of a tradition now. I have posted some pictures from the night. Somehow we thought it was a good idea to go to another bar after dinner and then stay out late and do karoake.  This was Sunday night. I was in the whole for the rest of the week as far as sleep.

Swapna, Lydia, Dawn, Candace, Lenore, Nicole.

Just a few of my highlights were:

  • The Random House Reader’s Circle Tea, where I caught up with book bloggers, checked out some of the Random House Books on offer, and met Lisa See, who signed her new book, Dreams of Joy, for me.
  • Lunch at HarperCollins where I met still more bloggers and had lunch with the staff of HarperPerennial and Harper Paperbacks, and some authors (Talia Carner, Diana Spechler, Greg Olear and Lauren Belfer) who have books coming out his summer and fall.
  • Dinner with Beth Hoffman and many of her blogger friends.
  • Breakfast with Jenn and Alma Katsu.
  • I stopped in on the genre bending party thrown by Hachette’s Mulholland and Orbit Books. Some of the authors I spotted in attendance were Michael Koryta (whose new book The Ridge, is out tomorrow), Megan Abbot, and Jesse Petersen. I
    At Karoake. Lydia, Nicole & Swapna.

    also got to say hi to @mitzpa very, very briefly.

  • Meeting Heather and Nick at the fabulously intimate Picador party in the Flatiron Building.
  • A big bonus of this BEA was hanging out with Carey and Gayle, my BEA roomie. We were of the same mindset and basically chilled the whole time we were there.  I love that Gayle and I skipped out on a big club party to eat donut holes and chat at the hotel. Girls night in.

Next I’ll be going through all of my books and picking out the must reads, that I will share with everyone. Though the books I brought home were fewer this year, there are still many more than I can talk about.

1DA652C2516038AE4D02F55645591F39 Out of Twenty   Patricia McArdle, Author of Farishta, Answers Six Questions

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  1. It sounds like you had an amazing time, and got the chance to meet all kinds of really interesting people out there. One of the reasons I love to read all the poss from BEA is to see all kinds of bloggers connecting. I am hoping that I can make it there sometime too!

  2. I am glad to hear you had such a great time, and I was so happy to run into you again this year 🙂 Glad I got to see you!

  3. Terrific post, Nicole. I am sooo glad I had the opportunity to meet you in person … finally!

  4. Thanks so much for sharing your BEA experience. I am going to try to go next year. I am not much for big crowds, but totally want to meet some of the bloggers I’ve been following and the nice publishing folk who have so graciously supplied me with arcs.