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Breed by Chase Novak – Book Trailer

Chase Novak’s Breed is the BOOK CLUB pick for September.  Here’s a look at the trailer. I’ve read it, and I can tell you it’s pretty horrifically gross for someone who is on the squeamish side (namely me). Since Jen is newly the mother of twins, I warned her off it. However, there are issues to be tackled in the gore. Looking forward to the discussion here on September 4.

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1Q84 by Haruki Murakami – Book Trailer

The trailer for Haruki Murakami’s 1Q84 is as mysterious as the book itself. I about 100 or so pages in and slowly making my way through this tome (925+ pages depending on the edition you choose). True to Murakami’s style, the things that happen are very strange, and sometimes pretty far-fetched, but his lyrical writing has a way of hooking you into wanting to know what will happen next. There is a meditative quality in reading his work that is very odd. Sort of like being lulled into accepting his alternate version of the world.

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From The Memoirs Of A Non-Enemy Combatant by Alex Gilvarry – Book Trailer & Giveaway

Many authors have mentioned struggling with the titles of their books- they say they go through several titles or have books that were finally titled by someone else. Alex Gilvarry’s book trailer for Memoirs of A Non-Enemy Combatant, takes on the idea that his book suffers from an overly long and possibly unmemorable title. He discusses this premise at length and elicits suggestions for a title, and even examples of a good titles from a model/literary consultant, and his own literary agent in this amusing book trailer.

I have said many times that I tend to flee from books that are touted overtly for their comedic/humorous effects. Often I haven’t found these books very funny, but I am interested in humor in the ways that it naturally occurs within drama- and it looks like From The Memoirs of A Non-Enemy Combatant will have both. Penguin has offered to send me and one of my readers a copy of the book to read. I am curious about Guantanamo Bay and how this writer will present that experience to readers, so I’m looking forward to reading this. Read the description below to see if it piques your interest as well.

Boyet Hernandez is a small man with a big American dream when he arrives in New York in 2002, fresh out of design school in Manila. With dubious financing and visions of Fashion Week runways, he sets up shop in a Brooklyn toothpick factory, pursuing his goals with monkish devotion (distractions of a voluptuous undergrad not withstanding). But mere weeks after a high-end retail order promises to catapult his (B)oy label to the big time, there’s a knock on the door in the middle of the night: the flamboyant ex-Catholic Boyet is brought to Gitmo, handed a Koran, and locked away indefinitely on suspicion of being linked to a terrorist plot. Now, from his 6′ x 8′ cell, Boy prepares for the trial of his life with this intimate confession, even as his belief in American justice begins to erode.

With a nod to Junot Diaz and a wink to Gary Shteyngart, Alex Gilvarry’s first novel explores some of the most serious issues of our time with dark eviscerating wit.

Giveaway – I have a copy of From The Memoirs of A Non-Enemy Combatant to give to readers with a US or Canadian address. Please fill out this form for entry to win a copy by Thursday, December 15, 2011.

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