Cool Down With AC – The Summer of Agatha Christie Readalong Nears The Halfway Point

Has keeping up Agatha Christie been keeping you cooled down this summer?

It’s been a bit of a breakneck speed for me on the book and movie front, but that’s about to settle down as I watch my last Christie movie for the summer, again. Boo! Tonight on Masterpiece Mystery, The Pale Horse will be making its debut. It’s on at 9pm EST for me, but you should check your local listings if you plan on watching it in a few hours. I watched the dvd earlier in the week with my cousin and we LOVE Miss Marple. This was my first experience with this inquisitive little lady, and now Julie McKenzie is Miss Marple for me.

Watch the full episode. See more Masterpiece.

I’ve listed all the discussion that have been going this last month, so be sure to check them out and chime inย  if you are just finishing up the books or the movies. Join me tomorrow for Miss Marple and The Pale Horse talk!

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  1. This looks so fun – I have been watching it from afar, no way could I take on another challenge at this point but may need to read at least one of the books as I have never read Agatha Christie before.