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Crossing the Heart of Africa

As you know, just a few short days a go I was going on and on about what to read next. I was in one of those moods when I had no idea what I was in the mood for. A short trip to the mailbox, and a review copy sent by Harper Perennial ended up being just the thing to provide the cure. I picked up Crossing The Heart of Africa: An Odyssey of Love and Adventure, by Julian Smith and read several pages, ok 50 pages, before I had to tear myself away and go do some other things.

The story is fast paced, and I love the history of Ewart Grogan setting out on his walk across Africa in 1898. Ostensibly proposed as a trip to win the love of his fair lady, Grogan was also carrying out a much needed duty to the British government, by surveying the land and reporting back on other European countries set on colonizing Africa. Though Smith’s reasons for repeating Grogan’s feat are vague at best and a bit less noble than Grogan’s in the romance department (somehow he thinks this might do something to cure the cold feet surrounding his impending nuptials),  his skill as a travel writer and as Grogan’s historian have made this an interesting and compelling read at just about 100 pages in. There is definite appeal here for those who like their history with a bit of adventure.

Would you like to give this one a try too?

Harper Perennial has given me a copy three copies of Crossing The Heart of Africa: An Odyssey of Love and Adventure, by Julian Smith to share with readers of Linus’s Blanket!  This contest will run through Thursday, December 2nd. Monday, November 29.  It’s open to those with US & Canadian address.  Please fill out the form below to enter – while I welcome comments and thoughts on this post, they will not be counted for entry.  Good luck!

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  1. I wasn’t interested in this book at first but now I’m sorry I didn’t request a copy. I’m thrilled, therefore, that you’re hosting a giveaway.

  2. I enjoy stories of contemporaries repeating the rather heroic and adventurous escapades of the past. There’s something beautiful about the repetition. Thanks for the suggestion.

  3. I just got this book in the mail too, and I cannot wait. It when immediately to the top of my TBR pile. Given your description, I think it’ll be a great book to read at the airport while I’m traveling this week – I need something fast paced and absorbing.

    1. It would definitely be a good book to read when traveling if only because you get to juxtapose your experience with the different modes of transportation. As much as we complain about the travel here, both the experiences from past and present day African countries is an eye opener.