Diets for Healthy Healing, Linda Page – Book Review

diets-for-healthy-healingDiets for Healthy Healing by Linda Page
Non-Fiction, 256 pages ~ Trade Paperback
Publisher: Healthy Healing, Inc.
Publication Date: October 2005

“Food is a potent healer. Your diet can literally transform your body.”

I am a big believer in using my meals to stay healthy and out of the doctor’s office. Every now and then I like to read a refresher to see what new information is out there and if there’s something new I want to add to what I eat, or what new food theory I want to to test out and incorporate in my life if it proves to be worthwhile. This book is a great resource. I wish it were smaller, because it’s not very wieldy; but I guess most reference books aren’t. It was packed with information on food properties and health tips, not to mention recipes that you can try out in order to incorporate the changes that are mentioned. Their “diets” are targeted to help alleviate specific conditions and symptoms that you might be experiencing like women’s issue, cancer, anti-aging, immune defenses for the cold and flu, and of course fat loss and weight management. I loved the bonus sections in the back that had cooking tips and there were a lot of healthy recipes throughout that I can’t wait to try. Ginger Crab in Wine Broth really caught my eye. Yum!

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