A Discovery of Witches: A Novel, by Deborah Harkness – Book Review

Diana Bishop is a witch, though after frightening experiences with magic, and the premature death of her parents, she has sworn off the use of her power. Diana is determined to live and function solely as a human being. In pursuit of that goal, she picks the most innocuous course of study available to her and becomes a respected historian specializing in the study of old alchemical texts. In order to prepare to present a paper at a prestigious conference, Diana travels to Oxford and the Bodleian Library to do some research. While there she discovers an old and long sought after alchemical text, Ashmole 782. She also becomes acquainted with ancient (though sexy!) vampire Matthew Clairmont, and finds herself  in a world of trouble as the creatures who are after Ashmole 782 to discover its true meaning to witches, vampires and demons, close in upon her.

A Discovery of Witches, by Deborah Harkness is one of those books that I won’t say much about because it is really an experience book. You have to curl up with it yourself and just let the story unfold for you. You’ll have questions, you’ll get some answers, you’ll love what characters are doing, you’ll think that they should have made different choices. It’s great. The book itself will make it physically easy for you to find a corner to curl up, as it is a hefty tome, and practically forces you to sit and give it your undivided attention. The reading of it is also a very sensory experience – Harkness is a wonderfully evocative writer, and I easily accepted the world she created.  In the savory sentences and creamy pages, I got lost in her version of Oxford where vampires, witches and demons inhabit the world, only slightly shielded from human notice.

A good chunk of the beginning takes place at the Bodleian Library at Oxford, which is the most happening library in the world, what with all that research, and witches, demons and sexy vampires running around.  I loved it. Her characterization of the leads is deep and held my attention throughout. One of the things that always concerns me with vampires is that they are so old, and this is scarcely ever adequately addressed in plots. I was pleased to see that the long life that Matthew and other vampires have experienced shapes their individual personalities as well as their behavior as a group. The age issue isn’t glossed over. Neither is Diana slowly beginning to explore her powers as a witch, nor the consequences that come in trying to deny who you are.  A lot of this book is about dealing with things that are hidden – creatures that are openly hidden in human society, hidden fears which have to be uncovered and faced, and hidden feelings that have to be acknowledged and explored for survival.

If you are a lover of history and wine, old books and libraries, vampires and witches, and engaging love stories woven alongside intricate plots, then this is probably the book for you.  Though A Discovery of Witches is also the first in a planned trilogy, it ends in a way that makes you hunger for the next book, but with also with a feeling of satiety about what was already read. Highly recommended.

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  1. I’ve seen this one around but didn’t know what it was about.. it seems like one of those that isn’t typically my kind of book but it still sounds like one I’d like anyway, LOL. At the very least I’ll know it’s one I could recommend!

  2. Damned trilogies! What do they think, we have the patience of saints? And they are all doing it to us. I ordered this one on audio, and I am very excited to see if that version holds up two the written one.

  3. I’m really looking forward to reading this one and also just heard today that it is book one in a trilogy. I’m going to have to wait a little longer before reading this one because I also cannot stand having to wait over a year for the next one to come out. I was mortified when I read that Justin Cronin’s The Passage is part of a trilogy and book two isn’t coming out until 2012. Sigh…

    The Discovery of Witches just looks so good. That subject matter, the time period, the setting – it always draws me in. I’m a sucker for those types of books, so I really can’t wait to read this one. Great insight into this book, Nicole (as always)! 🙂

  4. Well, I love history and wine, books and libraries, and engaging love stories. I’m not so wild about witches and vampires but I think to likes outweigh the dislikes. Plus, I love the cover. Adding to my wish list.

  5. I saw this book on Shelf Awareness and thought it looked like a good book. Now I know I will have to read it. Great review!

  6. I am fascinated by this book and will hopefully be owning a copy very soon. I love that it is set in the Bodlein library and that just makes it even more appealing.

  7. Oh hey! This is the book y’all were talking about on Saturday! It looks like fun even for my post-Twilight vampire-hating curmudgeon self. I think I can handle the first-in-a-trilogy thing as long as I go in knowing to expect that from it.

  8. This sounds like a book my “tween” son would like. Is there anything in it that would not be appropriate for a 12-13 year old boy? Thanks!

  9. I love tales of witches, vampires, immortals, vampires, magic adn after beautiful creatures, beautiful darkess adn the books before Passion I loved your novel thought A Discovery of Witches is phenomenal. I hate when at the end you realize theres a book after but I cant wait for the second one. Deborah you are a amazing talented author.