1. *sigh* I just wrote a review a couple days ago about YA, and the types of YA that I really like. What I DON’T like is dumb drama and the feeling that the teenage protagonist needs a good smack. I don’t mind suspending belief, I will embrace reincarnation if I must, but that other stuff would get on my nerves I think. I know, I sound like a big grump!

  2. I bet this book would have gone over big with me when I was in high-school and was living a really crunchy granola life. At that time, I believed strongly in reincarnation, and was sure that it was absolutely true. Now I have moved on to different beliefs, but I still sort of have a fondness for stories about reincarnation that hasn’t gone away, so imagine that I could probably suspend my sense of disbelief a bit for this one. However, I might have trouble with a protagonist who needs a smack and all those trust issues. Your review has certainly given me something to think about though, and makes me think I might have to take a chance on this one! Thanks, Nicole!

  3. This sounds perfect for me! I believe in reincarnation myself and rarely see this topic in fiction – I’m excited now! -)

  4. Very interesting review! I agree that there needs to be some kind of balance between creating an unusual and appealing plot (which mayrequire some suspension of disbelief) and creating characters that are inconsistent in a way that is simply annoying or plot elements that are absurdly improbable. For example, in a book I just finished the teen heroine and two younger sisters managed to sneak onto the Titanic and ran around blithely until…well, you know what happened. No wonder there weren’t enough life boats with all these stowaways on board! Still, this does sound intriguing, although I am somewhat turned off by the need to turn everything into a series.

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