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Lord Alverstoke is a stylish and wealthy bachelor – bored with his sisters, their families and their perpetual ploys to get him to fund their already lavish lifestyles.  Cynical to the core, he is skeptical when he meets Frederica, the charming head of the orphaned Merrivale clan. Frederica has brought her family to London to ask the assistance of relatives of her late father in launching her beautiful sister, Charis, into society with the hopes of finding her a husband.  The right match will make all the difference in the family fortunes, and save Frederica and her family from genteel poverty.  Needless to say Alverstoke’s sisters are less than pleased with the appearance of their distant relatives and are proprietary about not only Alverstoke’s time and attention which is newly directed at the young family, but also of his money.

This is by far my favorite of Georgette Heyer novels.  While so many of them have been enjoyable to me, here she strikes just the right balance with her charming and engaging plot and characters.  I love Alverstoke’s dry wit and interaction with his family, and it was fun to see him question the way he has been living his life as he becomes more involved in the always interesting antics of the Merrivales.  I have to say that I shared his impatience with Charis- beautiful and well-mannered though she might be, the girl was a bit of a dim bulb.  Fredderica and Alverstike are wonderful together and I love that she is such a determined, smart  and capable heroine.

One of the things that I have really come to appreciate about Heyer is her fabulous detail to the period – the food, clothing, furnishings and language.  She doesn’t fail here, and brings the same wonderful sense of time and place that has been present in her other novels.  The characters are vibrant and I enjoyed the pacing and the way that Alverstoke and Frederic gradually came to now each other better and managed their feelings for one another.   A vibrant cast of characters kept me wondering what they next antics would be as Frederica’s brother Jessamy and Felix are fully developed, mischievous and constantly getting into things that Frederica and  then, of course, Lord Alverstoke would have to get them out of.  I rationed the chapters so that I could savor this lovely romance.


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  1. Well I have till date read only one Heyer book,. You are right she brings the time period alive in a special way!

    I will surely read this book if i find it here!

  2. Great review! This is one of my favorite Heyers too. You reminded me of one bit I especially like where Alverstoke's keen eye notices Frederica and Charis' dresses are showing the signs of clever refurbishing over the Season but he mistakenly things it is Frederica laboring with her needle at midnight whereas it is Charis!
    My recent post The Grand Sophy

  3. I just started reading 'Frederica'…..I don't know, but I find the beginning a bit boring and dragged…the dog incident isn't really funny….maybe things will change when I reach the middle….I mean isn't this the usual thing with her books? The beginning is always slow. I liked 'The Corinthian' eventhough the events which take place are highly improbable…but after all, it's fiction. Anything can happen. But at the same time, when I'm reading her novels, I feel as if I'm in the 1920s….not in the 18th century….is it just me?