1. Ooh! A new book by Miller! I really enjoyed The Song of Achilles so this is definitely on my list! It seems very short though, at only 15 pages?

  2. Martha @ Hey, I want to read that

    I think I’m the only person who hasn’t read The Song of Achilles yet. I want to read I just keep reading other things first. I’ve always had problems getting into short stories (and man, this one is short) but this sounds really interesting. I think I may have to read this soon. (It’s so nice to be back to the blog world. I’ve missed you’re reviews)

  3. This is listed at 100 pages on B&N. I was so PISSED AND DISAPPOINTED that it’s only 35 Nook pages. I’m sure it’ll be a great story given Miller’s talent, but what an epic fail on their part for messing up the details.

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