Giveaway: Level 2 by Lenore Appelhans (Autographed ARC)

Level Two by Lenore Appelhans

Okay, so I don’t have four copies, but I did manage to snag one when Lenore visited back in August.

So, It Goes Like This: Felicia Ward has been at Level 2 since dying during her senior year of high school. At Level 2 spends her time trading and amassing credits, using them to plugin and play back favorite  memories from her short life – highlights with family and friends, school experiences  and her time with Neil, the boy she loved. More than anything else she longs to see him again. With the exception of the few friends she makes in her sector, her existence is monotonous and uninterrupted. Julian’s (a mysterious and hunky guy from her past)unexpected (an improbable) visit sets off a chain of mysterious deaths, but also brings with it the opportunity for Felicia to gain her freedom from Level 2, but in doing so she finds herself in the middle of a war against rogue angels – The Morati- who will stop at nothing to keep her captive.

Why It Caught My Eye: Lenore Appelhans is a long time blogging friend, and she holds the distinction for being the first blogger I met in real life and the one who nudged me down the path of reading YA as an adult. Thank you, Lenore. Hmm…I wonder why she did that? Knowledge of this book has been in the back of my mind for a very long time, and I am so pleased and excited that she will be making her debut as an authoress in just a few short weeks! In January I will have a full review of the books as well as an interview with Ms. Appelhans.

A Few Thoughts: Dystopian fiction, especially in YA, is a hot property. I feel like at least half the Young Adult fiction I have read (if not more) can be classified as dystopian. Level 2 brings the dystopian novel to heaven/the afterlife. Felicia Ward has the makings of a classic heroine, her young life is a balance of happy memories that are later tempered by difficult moments with her family (her relationship with her mother in particular) and the painful consequences of mistakes she has made with them and in her friendships. Her strength is in the light and the dark that shapes her and makes her a character whose growth and choices you want to see. There is also the mystery of Julian to unravel,  the events leading to her death, when and if she will ever see Neil again, and if she can successfully take on The Morati, who in a nod to The Matrix want to use humans to power a mysterious and nefarious scheme. You don’t want to miss it.

Entry: For a chance to win an autographed ARC of Level 2, simply fill out this form by Dec 20, 2012 at 11:59 pm EST. US only. You’ll have it by Christmas!

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Check out Lenore’s new author website (snazzy) or visit her blog Presenting Lenore.

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