Giveaway: The Unfinished Life of Elizabeth D. by Nichole Bernier

the unfinished work of elizabeth d by nicole bernier

My IRL Book Club is going to be reading the The Unfinished Work of Elizabeth D. by Nichole Bernier in July. 

It’s about the  friendship between two women, told after one of them has died in accident. Kate the surviving friend is vacationing on Great Rock Island, and has inherited a trunk of Elizabeth’s journals. What she reads causes her to reconsider her views of her friend, their relationship and even her own role as wife and mother. Sounds like good stuff!

One reader with a US or Canadian mailing address (no PO boxes, please), has the opportunity to win a copy to read too. For entry, fill out this form by end of day, 11:59 p.m, June 30th, and you’ll be entered for your chance to win. Thanks to Crown Publisher for offering a copy to give away!

Good Luck!

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  1. Thanks for this book review. The title of this book really shows that this is a good book to read. I know this will give inspiration among readers. I have to get a copy of this too!

  2. Thanks for the giveaway! I’ve read so many reviews about this book. I love a story with journals, something about finding someones real story just draws me in. What makes this book so appealing is the recipient of the journal is her friend, so you would naturally think she really knows her–very interesting! I would love love to read this!