Guest Post~ They Plotted Revenge Against America, by Abe F. March



I recently received the novel They Plotted Revenge Against America.  It’s about the destruction of two families during an American attack on Baghdad in the Iraq War.  One family is Christian and the other is Muslim. The surviving sons decide to join a covert plot against America in order to avenge the death of their families.  I was very curious as to what motivated the author Abe F. March to write this book and if there was anything in particular in his experience that contributed to his decision to write on this topic.  He was gracious enough to consider and answer my question.

My early career started with IBM. I left the security of a good job and became involved in sales and marketing of consumable products.  My first book, “To Beirut and Back” is about my entrepreneurial pursuits that took me to the Middle East, headquartered in Beirut, Lebanon.  I conducted business throughout the M.E. region before the Lebanese civil war destroyed my successful enterprise.  During this period, I learned much about the people of the region and their mentality.  I was often asked what the American people thought about events within the Middle East.  I realized that most had no clue about the cause of the problems, relying solely on what they heard in the news. My attitude changed dramatically based on events.  What I witnessed and what was reported in the news was often different.  Foreign correspondents were frustrated when their stories were censored.  I was kidnapped, shot at and witnessed the death of civilians from foreign aggression.  My personal losses were mild in comparison to many whose lives were constantly in a state of upheaval.  People living in refugee camps with no hope for a better life, with nothing more to lose were ripe candidates to take out their frustration and revenge against the enemy – real or perceived.

I returned to the States to create a new life for my family, but could not forget what I had learned and witnessed.

The unresolved dilemma between Israel and Palestine continues to affect the world in various ways.  It spawns terrorist activity, creates economic instability in world markets, drains financial resources and even influences elections.  Numerous peace plans and proposals have been offered for consideration but none have achieved their purpose. With all the attention by past American presidents to resolve the problem, why haven’t they succeeded?  Intransigence is just one reason.  Failure to enforce UN Resolutions is another, however political considerations have been the stumbling block

The invasion of Iraq was the inspiration to write my book. The characters discuss the problems that caused them to seek revenge. “They Plotted Revenge Against America,” deals with acts by America and by American supported Israeli aggression that caused deaths to loved ones.  The desire for revenge is so strong that a mission is planned to punish America.  In their final preparations, mission members get to meet the average American and come to understand that they are good people, but uninformed.  They realize that they would be taking out their revenge on innocent people and some of the mission members have a change of heart.

The book is intended to alert the public, that unless there is a resolution to the Israel/Palestinian problem, that things can get worse.  Further, the weapons used for retaliation can be something totally unexpected.

Abe F. March

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    1. It is very interesting to spend a good amount of time submerged in another culture. It really gets you to thinking about the things that you take for granted when you are confronted with other people consistently doing things another way.