Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope all of my celebrating American readers have a wonderful day spent with family and friends!

I am fortunate enough that some of my family is nearby, so it’s easy for me to pop up and celebrate with them and not really have much of a plan but to relax, play a few games and eat some good food.

Though family will stake the majority of the claim on my time, I still plan to bring way more books than I can possibly read with me.

The Sherlockian, by Graham Moore
The Monstrumologist, by Rick Yancy
Crossing The Heart of Africa, by Julian Smith
Finny, by Justin Kramon
The Love Goddess’ Cooking School, by Melissa Senate

1DA652C2516038AE4D02F55645591F39 Progress: Notes From A Reading Life – November 21, 2010 [TSS]

We’ll just see how it goes. I will likely be back before Monday, but if not, see you then!

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  1. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family! I always bring way too much reading material too. I never get any reading done when I’m visiting family!