Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows Part 1 – Movie Trailer

You will have to excuse me as I possibly expand the scope of my blog just a wee bit.  Linus’s Blanket is all about the things in life that bring me comfort – books, food, food books, food, books.  I think you get the drift.  But I have always loved movie trailers. Always thought that they are an art in themselves- they bring me deep comfort in a way that is separate from movies themselves.  If there was a channel that exclusively showed movie trailers, then I would watch it all day long.

The other day I was on the phone with Amy, having a marathon conversation on all the different projects on which we are jointly involved.  When our brains exploded and we had to turn to a different topic to get a bit of a break, we somehow started talking about the Harry Potter books and movies.  I haven’t read any of the books, but I did fall asleep on the first movie, which I enjoyed but thought was way too long. I never saw another one, always thinking about how I had fallen asleep during the first one (I haven’t seen Lost either- same thing, fell asleep during the pilot).  As the last of the movies get made, I wondered how I would feel if I started to read the books now, as one of the only people on the planet who didn’t read the books as they were first coming out.

I wonder if reading Harry Potter along with others who were doing the same thing enhanced the experience in a way that enhanced all of the books, much like I feel the reading of the Hunger Games books have been enhanced by the community around those books.  I have wondered with many other readers what will happen to Katniss, if she will choose either Gayle or Peeta, and if Mockingjay will really be the final book, or if it will set something else new up completely? It’s fun to speculate and anticipate with friends, and then go on to share your joys and disappointments.

This trailer is intriguing to me  because whether I have watched any of the rest of the series, I know that Harry is preparing to deal with one of the biggest showdowns of his life.  He looks wrung out, and that heavy shadowing of hair on his young face makes him look like he has experienced some hellish things, so much so that the creature holding him marvels at how he can still live. What happened Harry? Cue dramatic music, glimpsed fight scenes, dramatic shouting and stir.  I have to admit that this trailer formula works on me, sap that I am.  The same mojo was working in the trailer for Never Let Me Go, albeit much more subtly.

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What sayeth my Harry Potter Fans?  Are you looking forward to this movie? Will I enjoy this series if I read it on my own?  Were the books and the reading experience better for you because you were reading it with other people?  Are there lots of non-human humanoid creatures running around which will annoy me?  How do you feel about the fact that this movie has been split into two parts?  More of Harry to love?  Or just too long and plain annoying?

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  1. Nicole, I may be the biggest Harry Potter fan on the face of the earth. I own all the books (and reread them regularly), own all the audiobooks, own all the movies and have watched this trailer probably 15 times now. I can’t imagine that you wouldn’t like the series, but there are those who don’t. The books definitely get more complex and darker as the series continues. Yes, it will be tough to wait for the second part of this last movie, but the book was complicated and I’m glad that it seems they won’t have to rush the story.

    By the way, if you decide to read the books and you want a reading companion, just shoot me an email. I’ll read them again with you. LOL

  2. Ooohhh I love that trailer! November can’t come fast enough for me! So, to answer your fist question…yes I am very stoked about seeing this 🙂 I didn’t jump on the HP bandwagon until book 5 I think, I wasn’t sure if I would like them or if they would be too kiddish…but holy cow, once I started book one I was hooked and read through them like there was fire at my back!

    I’m not one for read-a-longs, so I don’t have a perspective view on that aspect. I read them alone and was quite fine with that. I also believe that even though the movies can’t encompass everything covered in the book that they do a really good job. I’ve never been disappointed with a HP movie.

    As for this last one being split up into two parts, the waiting will be hell but I like that we get more and I think there was so many things answered and so many events happening in the final book that they had to make two.

    I am ready to get my Harry Potter on!!!!

    Thanks for sharing this with us and I hope you do like the books if you decide to read them!

  3. I read the series quite a bit after everyone else, so I can say that the books are enjoyable even without the community experience. Then again, you could always host a challenge for those who have never read Potter.

  4. I’m torn between loving the fact that the movie will be in two parts and hating it. I just don’t see where and how they will cut off part one and yet make you leave the cinema feeling satisfied. At the same time I do not understand how they will manage to get all the complicated plot twists into two movies, so I know they would never have been able to make a satisfactory movie if they had done it in one..

    I love the trailer, btw.

  5. I didn’t read the books with other people and I loved every one of them. They will live up to the hype. I’ve seen the movies, and will probably see the new ones, but they don’t live up to the books, of course.

  6. I am slowly making my way through the audio books – so I don’t consider myself a diehard HP fan — yet! I did want to say that I LOVE your idea of a movie trailer channel. I think you (and Amy) should investigate that possibility 🙂

  7. I’m right up there with Kay (I might even arm-wrestle her over the title of biggest fan, although I DO NOT dress up like a student of Hogwarts when there is a launch of something thank you). Read the books many times, seen the movies many times, listened to the entire audio book series this year with my kids, and we even own a Scene It Harry Potter game and have various HP video games. The series is incredible, whether you read it with someone or not (I did not, I just dove in). Admittedly, the movies don’t even come close to matching the magic of the books, but we watch them obsessively anyway. We just finished the 7th book on audio a few weeks ago (review up today!), which rekindled our love for the kick ass ending. We are almost frothing at the mouth waiting for it to come out. I think the evil marketing geniuses are loathsome for dragging it out over two movies but that won’t stop me from seeing it multiple times in the theater (at least once on IMAX) and buying it on DVD.

  8. Ooh, Nicole, I am sure you could find someone to read these with you! Maybe not for the first time, but I know Amanda at Zen Leaf reads them I think every year (or, er, she really likes them, anyway). They’re a lot of fun and I don’t think you missed the boat at all!

  9. Oh lordy, I can’t even begin to say how much I’m anticipating this film! I read all of the “Harry Potter” series back when “Deathy Hallows” came out (2008?), mostly because I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. I was leading the midnight release party we were having for the bookstore where I worked and needed to be in the loop! (Good thing, too; more than 1,000 people attended. And stared at me. And watched me talk about the books and lead games and such.)

    You’re right that a community surrounding a book makes the enjoyment that much more intense, especially if you love something, too. I didn’t expect to love “Harry Potter,” which is why I never picked them up, despite hearing about them constantly. But my dad and sister were my HP “community,” the folks who loved them before anyone else I knew. Reading the series from the beginning, then discussing all the twists with them, was really fun.

  10. The movie trailer makes me really anxious to see the movie when it comes out. I’ve seen all of the movies so far but only read the first 4 books. I think you will enjoy the stories and will find many others reading and rereading as you go through the series. So while it won’t have the same community feel that the Larsson books have right now, you won’t be out there hanging all by yourself either. I hope you will read them as I look forward to hearing your thoughts. It can’t hurt to try the first one and see what you think of it.

  11. I read the first half of this series on my own, and then I’d caught up with the hype, so I had the community for the second half. I have to say, they were SO GOOD, my enjoyment wasn’t diminished at all. This is one of those series, that even as an adult, has the ability to whisk me back to the wonder I felt at reading books when I was a kid. I get totally engrossed, they make me laugh and cry. Just breathtaking, and I hope you’ll try them at some point.

  12. I started reading the Harry Potter books just before book 5 came out. I was getting ready for the work and the tv on and got a glimpse of a story on tv about how kids all over the world were waiting in line at bookstores to get the next book, and I thought I must find out what it is that is making kids wait in line for a book. Kids wait all night for concert tickets and video games and movies, but a book? So I ordered book 5 and then thought I should probably read the first 4 so I went and bought them that afternoon. I kid you not when I say I was hooked from the start. By the time book 5 arrived about a week later, I had read the first 4. I just couldn’t put them down. One day I went in late to work because I was close to the end and couldn’t bear waiting till the end of the day to see how it ended.

    There’s so much I love about the series. There’s Hogwarts and the magical world – Rowling does a great job creating a believable alternative world. I enjoyed learing along with Harry about this world. I also like that the characters, the story and difficulty of the books grew over time. The first couple books are clearly for younger readers, but as the series proceeds the books, the language, the issue covered, etc. get more complex.

    The movies are, of course, a completely different experience. Out of necessity, much is left out of the movie, but still it is nice to share the experience of watching the movie with a community. But even better was reading with a community. I can’t recall any other time when it seemed that nearly everyone was reading the same book at the same time. It was like being in a world wide book club. I heartily encourage you to read the books. It will be well worth your time.

  13. I got into the Harry Potter craze when the last book came out. I like collecting books and I wanted to collect the Potter series. I read them all in a matter of days – months depending on the size of the book. I did not have anyone to read them with (but many of my friends are hardcore Potter fans), but it did not matter to me. I loved how JK Rowling had the characters grow up with the audience. Meaning it was rather light in the start of the series when they are still young and starting out in school to more darker/adult themes as the series progressed. You may get into the series more at that point maybe? I fell in love right away mostly with the characters.

    I hope you give it a shot eventually. The movies I adore the first two are my favorites (I thought they were shorter films actually) and then I loved Goblet of Fire. I do find them long and slow in parts, but worth the viewings. I also get peeved when I see things cut from the films that are important in the books. Granted I know not everything in the books can fit into a 2 hour film. Just annoying to me. The films also get much better. So I cannot wait to see the last two films hopefully at the midnight showing. 😉

    And yay I’m not the only one who couldn’t get into Lost! Or I’m assuming you couldn’t. 😉

  14. I loved the first 3 books and read them when they came out. I thought they were very clever and funny. This was in my pre-blogging days. I read 4-6 with less enthusiasm, as the books get darker and I had forgotten a lot of the stuff from the earlier books. By the time #7 came out, I was over it, and I have never read it. Haven’t seen any of the movies, either.

    But I think it would be fun to read them for the first time back-to-back.

  15. I love the Harry Potter books, I am torn about there being two parts to this movie. Personally I have no trouble sitting still for long periods of time, so I would love a 4.5 or 5.5 hour long movie, but I think I am in the minority on that front. Oh all the books though this is the one to really take the time to explain fully in movie form, so if it has to be two parts, so be it. I think you will really like the books, I have only encountered one person who did not like the book once they started reading it, and he doesn’t read fiction so I think you will be all set.

  16. You should totally read them! It’s not too late! You might not have the exact same rabid fanlove experience that happened when the books came out slowly, one by one, and we all waited years in between, speculating madly about what was to come, but I think they’re pretty solid books and will be enjoyable anyway. The films – I dunno, there are parts of the films that are absolutely superb, and a lot of parts that are a bit stupid. But I still get excited like a little kid every time a new one comes out. :p

  17. I read the series twice and loved every minute of it. The films are for the most part great, but nothing beats the books 🙂 I highly recommend them!

  18. I can’t wait! Although I will be more than a little sad that there is no more Harry Potter to look forward to. It’s been a fun journey.

  19. I think I love series better without the community. There are so many different opinions, and people can become quite passionate, to the point of crazed and downright rude about those differing opinions, that it detracts from my enjoyment of them. Take the Twilight series. I am a huge fan. I have been a huge fan for years before I “came out” to my family and friends. I am not embarrassed by it, nor do I apologize for my feelings. Yet, ever since I let it be known how much of a fan I am, I have had to defend my opinions, listen to others brag because they saw the movies before me – as if going to a midnight movie somehow makes you more of a fan than anyone else, and put up with some very nasty comments by others about the series in general. Because people know I am a fan, they look to me for my reactions to it all. I am tired of having others require me to defend my opinions; I am tired of the fervor between the two sides. It was easier when I read the series by myself and did not have to explain my opinions to anyone but me. The same thing can be said about Harry Potter, The Hunger Games series, or any other series that creates a massive following.

  20. I devoured each book as it came out, and last year I participated in Beth Fish Read’s HP challenge, but doing it in audio. It was wonderful! I’d always wondered how it would feel to get the chance to sit down and read the entire series from beginning to end, and listening to the audio sort of gave me that pleasure. If you do pick up the books, Nicole, you have so much to look forward to! I love the movies, too, but not as much as I like the books.