1. Alyce just reviewed this today too. And frankly, I’m not sure how much of this inside scoop I need to know. I’ve already got the creeps over bed bugs and all that human spillage that is apparently on the bedspreads and furniture, if I read this I might never stay at another hotel again! I’d like to enjoy my anniversary trip over Xmas at least!

  2. Patti Smith

    I love stuff like this…but will read it with a “consider the source” attitude. Hotels freak me out already and I’m very particular about where I stay; however, I’m constantly amazed at the rudeness some guests exhibit to the very people who hold the pleasantness of the stay in their hands. Even if it’s an extra 15 minutes or so waiting on room service, it’s human nature to want to get back at snotty people. I’m a little put off by the notion that the quality of your stay depends on tipping, but that’s probably very true to some extent. Thanks for the honest review.

  3. NOLA Girl

    I loved this book!
    As a hotel employee that has held many positions at several properties, trust me when I say that Mr. Tomsky is not only right on in many of his explanations but only skims the iceberg.
    I found this book very entertaining and easy to read.
    A must read for anyone in the industry for sure!

  4. I probably would have picked this one up if I had seen it as I travel so much on business and have always been fascinated by what I imagine must take place behind the scenes at hotels. After reading your review this doesn’t sound like it would hit the mark for me.

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