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Natalie over at Book, Line and Sinker has me reminiscing about the days when I would pore over catalogs and imagine what I would buy or what I would do if I could buy something.  It’s one of those things that I got out of as I got caught up in life, but I think I need to find some catalogs and do a little daydreaming.

The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, by Rebecca Skloot is one hot tamale of a book that everyone is buzzing about.  I guess it should come as no surprise that Oprah, after reportedly reading it in one sitting, has decided to partner with Alan Ball to make it into a movie.  I think she must have gotten that from me since  that’s what happens when I read books in one sitting too!

Why Amazon ever included free books in a best-seller list is a mystery for me, but apparently will now be a moot point since they will be publishing a separate list for free and paid bestsellers in the future.

Over at Devourer of Books, Jen is pondering character descriptions in books. I like characters to be described in books.  I think I take the basic description and build my own image which might deviate from the author’s version, but I am very aware that recent books are very light on the details.  Trend?

It really saddens me that they are cutting the budget for adult literacy programs in NYC.

If you are looking for an excuse to get your read on, look no further than the 5th Annual 48-Hour Book Challenge hosted by MotherReader.  It’s going down June 4-6.  Sound a little daunting?  You get to pick the schedule your reading schedule and take breaks when you need to, so don’t worry about it.

Carrie over at Books and Movies recently finished The Passage, by Justin Cronin.  I have heard of this book from many different corners, but she blew through 800 pages in a week and only stopped to take care of the family, so I am much more intrigued by this than I had been before.

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  1. That Carrie was on a mission, wasn’t she? She was going to finish it come hell or high water. I am on the wait list for the audio at our library. I can only imagine how many discs it is, but heck, I’ve listened to the Outlander Series so I figure I have the endurance for just about anything.

  2. I just spent a couple of nice hours visiting the places you mentioned in your links. I like these kinds of link posts. I thought I should say thanks.

  3. Thanks for the link to the readathon….I am so drawn to those things, but haven’t ever participated. Scaredy cat, I guess.

  4. This is depressing that they are cutting the adult literacy program funding. I cannot tell you enough how the literacy program in MD has helped my husband with his reading problems and how much better he reads and writes now. His spelling used to be like trying to decipher chicken scratch or some other implausible language — I can’t even say hieroglyphs because at least those had pictures that resembled their meaning some of the time.

    Adult literacy programs are important for those that get left behind in the public school systems, for those that enter this nation and cannot read and write English because they were not taught it in their homelands, and for those with disabilities like dyslexia, etc. I cannot tell you how much this saddens me. Perhaps this should become your social responsibility cause for your blog? Or maybe it should be mine? Let’s coordinate.