A Hodge Podge of Links

I have been watching the dust-up over the Facebook privacy with interest as I consider what to do with my account.  I know that a lot of what we do online is not “private”, but I agree that having to opt out of having information shared really pisses people off, and might not be the move to make.

Right or wrong I find this joke amusing.

I am still working on unitasking, and have yet to report on my mixed results.  I think my next step might be to kill my to-do list.

This blog is under allergies – wherein Kathrin summed up, a few weeks ago, the way I have been feeling for the last month.  I have had a little relief over the past few days, so let’s hope the worst is over and not yet to come.

Last night I chatted with Marie from Boston Bibliophile about her blog and the 1200 books that she owns (this doesn’t include her husband’s triple digit book collection).  You know how book lovers can wrack up the books!

Tonight I will be talking to the organizers of The Book Blogger Convention, which is coming up on May 28th in New York City.  Listen in to learn more about it and to ask any questions you have about the event.

R.T.  won my contest for a signed copy of Jennie Nash’s The Threadbare Heart.  Here is what she had to say about her favorite fictional mother-daughter relationships.

I saw this contest and immediately thought of Samantha and Endora from Bewitched.  I know that it is really weird because they don’t get along at all.  They are a mother daughter duo with different outlooks on life.  They usually disagree.  Samantha is trying to live a life Endora doesn’t approve of and Endora is always trying to get under her skin.  I love the way that they are always there for each other when it’s important.  My mom and I don’t have the best relationship, and we butt heads more often than not but she has been there for me when I needed her the most. I like that Samantha and Endora show an imperfect but close mother-daughter bond like my mom and me.

And finally, Amy V. just won a copy of Hannah’s List, by Debbie Macomber along with a $25 Visa gift card.

1DA652C2516038AE4D02F55645591F39 Seven, by Jacqueline Leo

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  1. Samantha and Endora? Never would have thought of them but they did have the kind of a relationship that so many mothers and daughters have–without the witchcraft!

  2. Debbie Macomber lives in the same town as I do….my mom just loves her books and she’s doing a local signing for Hannah’s List this coming weekend. Her books are quite cute.

  3. Nice collection of links (I think I’ve read a couple of those items already)!

    I’m not terribly active on Facebook as it is, and all of the privacy dust-ups are just one more reason not to do much with it. Oh well.

    1200 books?! I’m not sure if I’m envious or overwhelmed.

    1. You probably have. I have been wanting to get that post up for days so a few of them are quite old!

      I am thinking about ditching Facebook all together or maybe just keeping it as a page for my blog. I don’t interact a great amount on there anyway, and whether we really have privacy or not, I don’t like the way that they have handled things.

      I am overwhelmed with my 500 or so. I couldn’t deal with 1200!

  4. I have Facebook and although I don’t use it a whole lot, it is my vehicle for staying in touch with my high school friends whom I love dearly. I also recently got hooked back up with some college buddies as well. I just don’t want to give it up. I suppose they will have to come and steal my soul away before I do.

    1. Lately my Facebook page has turned into a place where I post blog updates. I took my pictures down and will probably remove most thing I had on there in the past. I am struggling with whether i will keep an account at all.