I No Longer Take Pictures In Rome


dscn0225I have been on vacation in Italy for the past three weeks and it has been a wonderful. I have so loved walking around and exploring, seeing the sights and gently absorbing the culture (i.e. eating great food, drinking home made Italian wine, and going for after dinner walks and my evening gelato). I read in the evenings before dinner and after my walks. It’s a pretty good life to have for a little while.

Our first night in Rome, T and I got our stuff settled in the hotel and just walked. No specific place in mind. Just wanted to be out and about in the city. We get to a street corner, turn our heads left and boom, without any warning, there’s the Coliseum. So exciting! It was so unexpected for it be just hanging out like that among all the regular city buildings. I don’t think anything topped that moment for me. What a wonderful surprise.

But anyway, I tried taking pictures of the things I thought were beautiful, but after awhile I stopped because I was taking pictures of everything. I would take a step, and take a picture. I would put my camera away, walk a block and take it out again. It was ridiculous!

Tomorrow night this time, I’ll be back in NYC, and I’m glad. I missed my city.

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