In just 3 days…

I will be waking up in the morning to go to work and from work hop on a plane to Rome, Italy. I’m starting to get excited but I don’t feel prepared at all.

I have decided that I am just going to take my backpack. I did that when I went to Ireland. It was much heavier than I intended it to be because I got carried away and packed too much, and it was winter and my clothes were heavier. This time it’s all about sun dresses and sandals. Maybe the odd pair of shorts and whatever pants I wear on the train. I plan to take my computer. I’m going to spend some time in a small village where there will be no internet, but I will at least be able to type and save entries to my travel journal to post later and of course, lots of pictures.

I had been considering going to Paris for a little bit, but now I’m thinking I will wait and make that another trip.

I’m not concerned with the packing so much as I am with the stuff I have to do before I leave. Work is really busy and I need to get food and litter for the cats, pick up dry cleaning, clean up a little more, and a few other things before I go. I’m telling myself that I am going to so those things tonight. Hmm.

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