In The Dog House with Christine from Candid Canine

Here, there, and everywhere it’s Book Blogger Appreciation Week and we’re all getting to know each other.ย  I had the pleasure of being introduced to Christine from Candid Canine via the BBAW Interview exchange that Amy set up.ย  And boy, is Christine a busy little bee! When she’sย  not busy with her job in journalism, she’s writing books for young adults and putting together miniatures.ย  The last thing on her mind was starting a blog, but now I think she’s hooked. What do you think? I think you should stop by her blog and find out! It’s a good time. ๐Ÿ™‚ But take a look first as she tells me all about it…

Nicole, thanks for hosting me!
Nicole: When did you start blogging? Why did you start blogging and how did your
blog evolve?

Christine: You can call me a reluctant blogger.

As a journalist, I do plenty of other writing for newspapers and magazines,
so I really didn’t want to blog at first. More writing (and nonpaying at that!
ha!) I didn’t need.
I began blogging at Candid Canine just over a year ago, mostly in preparation for the
release of my first book, “Searching For a Starry Night, A Miniature Art
Mystery.” As the book, (ages 10+) deals with the search by two teens for a
missing miniature replica of Van Gogh’s famous painting, “Starry Night,” my blog
deals with miniatures, dogs (friends Sam and Lita are “helped” by a mischievous
Dachshund named Petey), writing, and whatever else strikes my fancy.
Nicole: What’s your inspiration for blogging and how do you come up with the
things you write about?
Christine: I learned more about blogging and organizing a blog book tour for
my book after joining the Blogbooktours group,
Then group leader Dani prompted everyone to join the August blog challenge.
I did, survived blogging daily and after a couple weeks respite, I’m back.
And I think I’m hooked.
I’m now trying a new blogging schedule which will include
various topics on a more “regular” basis. I write what I like to read
about and hopefully what interests others: miniatures, because it’s
my passion. I’ve been creating miniatures for dozens of years
and still find new inspiration that I hope to share with others. I
enjoy writing about them, too, which I did in my ebook, “In Miniature
Style,” (with profiles, how to projects and photos, see for details) and I
enjoy highlighting the amazing work done by others. I also like to share
writing tips and talk about all kinds of other things, so I hope people will
stop by and comment!

Nicole: Have your reading habits and choices changed over the years and if so

Christine: I’ve gotten hooked on reading others’ blogs, so it’s no surprise that
I’ve come to enjoy doing my own. After all, as a lifelong reader and
writer, what else is blogging but another way to communicate? I’m the kid who
always had her nose in a book. I love to read, with horror and mysteries a
favorite, though I will read other genres that catch my eye. In recent years,
I’ve grown to love more historical novels, especially mysteries and fiction
set in the 1500s-1700s, wondering what it was like to live then, I guess. Maybe
stemming from my interest in genealogy and tracing my own family’s roots in
Nicole: How did you become interested in miniatures and what is the most
important information you would tell people who are just starting to become
interested in them?
Christine: I came to dollhouses and miniatures, by accident, I guess, finding a
cheap dollhouse kit years ago at K Mart. Then I discovered dollhouse shows and
that you could get almost anything in miniature (even the kitchen sink!). I fell
for it. I love to create. I’ve always been a “crafty” person and enjoy the
challenge of making things myself, so building and furnishing dollhouses lets me
try my hand at all kinds of crafts from painting, to needlepoint, furniture
building, design, architecture, you name it. It’s a hobby that everyone, at all
skill levels, can enjoy and it’s amazing the things you learn along the
way. You develop an interest in history (replicating real rooms, furnishings, or
clothing), living conditions, and more. It’s a great sideline for kids of all
ages to explore and learn without being stuck in school!
Nicole: Tell me about you.ย  How do you spend your time when you’re not
reading or blogging?
Christine: You’ll laugh. I do miniatures. I find planning projects relaxing (well
when they work, it is.) And I write. I’m trying to finish another book between
my other (“paying”) writing. I enjoy watching movies when I can, too. Waiting
for my favorite TV shows to start, too. I love Smallville, Heroes, Dancing with
the Stars, Supernatural, Ghost Whisperer. Nothing too inspiring, there, I’m
afraid. ha!
Nicole: What’s coming up for you for the rest of this year with your blogging,
reading and writing?

Christine: More blogging, reading and writing. Ha! Once you
have a book out, I’ve noticed that it opens the door to having to do even more
writing, blogging, promoting, etc. But I’m enjoying it. It’s been fun meeting
other authors, bloggers and collectors along the way.

Nicole, it was good to meet you, too, and thanks for hosting me!
Readers, be sure to stop by my blog this week for an interview with Nicole,

** BBAW Contest: Christine is hosting a giveaway! Post a comment about your favorite book here
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