Items of Interest: Some Special Projects

Buy Books For The Holidays

Is anyone looking for another excuse to buys books? *ooh, ooh- raises hand*  *would you put your hand down, I was talking to them *  *oops, my bad *  I love giving recommendations and helping people figure out what they would like to read, so when Amy asked people to help give their opinion on what books would be suited for holiday presents, I knew that it was something that I wanted to participate in because it’s going to be so much fun.

There will be posts on Indie Book Stores and the special events that they are having and their book recommendations, and recommendations from other book bloggers, and lists of literacy and charitable organizations related to books, and craft gift ideas and the best part of it all is that people will be able to e-mail the Buy Books For The Holiday Team to ask for personal recommendations.  Stop by to get some ideas for your Holiday shopping!

The Classics Circuit

Rebecca from Rebecca Reads has put together a wonderful team of bloggers who are helping to organize blog tours to publicize some great authors who are no longer with us, and who provided inspiration to many of the writers we love today.  The first tours look fabulous, and you’ll get to find out a lot about the books and lives of such authors as Wilkie Collins and Elizabeth Gaskell.  Sign-ups to tour Edith Wharton will be happening in the next week so go check out the tours and dates and sign-up.

Fall Recipe Exchange Challenge

I thought that it would be a great idea to play Iron Chef and put some of the recipes that we got from the Fall Festival Recipe Exchange to the test.  Watch out for the details.  I have this totally awesome cookbook package as a grand prize and I so want it all for myself that I think I am going to have to choose someone to randomly draw a number so that I can have a real chance at winning it too.  These cook books are heavy, but if there’s an international winner, we’ll figure it out. You know you love to cook so I hope you’ll join in!

Holiday Book Swap

I love the idea of recommending books for people and I love to give and receive books, so this seemed like the perfect opportunity for me to combine both into a nice little holiday treat.  Sign-ups are from now to Nov 12th.  Go put yourself on the list.  You might get me as a swap partner!

Progressive Dinner Party

I don’t know if I am supposed to let this cat out of the bag yet (and if I have to wonder I should probably keep my mouth shut, right?) but there is going to be a progressive dinner party this year at the Book Blog Social Club. There is going to be whole week where we can all participate in celebrating the holidays with each other through festive drink, appetizer and meal recipes along with other fun entertainments, but shhh, don’t tell Julie and Amy that I said anything.  Remember to act surprised when it’s announced!

That’s How I Blog!

Just last week I launched a BlogTalk Radio Show for book bloggers.  I have some fab book bloggers lined up.  This first round includes conversations that with bloggers in different areas that I have had the pleasure to meet over the last six months at BEA and the National Book Festival.  But I will likely be expanding the show when I work out the details.

Thanks to everyone so far who has sent in questions, called and listened, tweeted and posted, offered to be a guest and other wise spread the word.  The show was SO MUCH fun! Really just like one big party. Special thanks to Michelle (GalleySmith) for designing the graphic!  I just said the words and she made it happen.  Thanks Michelle!

I just love that there is all of this great stiff going on.  I hope to see you all out and about in the festivities!

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  1. I’m all over that book swap! I love stuff like that. You are quite the busy lady! I am listening to you and Trish right now as I speak, and I’m really excited to hear Kathy. I’m in awe of you and your productivity!
    .-= Sandy´s last blog ..Lena – Jacqueline Woodson =-.

  2. I can’t wait to see what the suggestions are. I am always looking for new books for my daughter. She loves to read!!!! Last year (she was only 12) she read the entire Harry Potter series in about 5 days. That was while she was in school, doing homework, and practicing karate. She is a very fast read. So that means I have to buy a lot of books.
    .-=´s last blog ..Applebee’s Club House Grill =-.