Jacket Copy Fatigue

In a perverse turn of events, I have grown weary of the jacket copy and blurbs on books. Β I started reading back cover copy the other day in my search for some new books, and rejected every single thing. Β Every thing seemed “meh”. Every thing seemed like something I had read before, and while surely the nuances and originality of each story are to be found within the cover of each book, not much lately has enticed me to try what is between the covers.

Although I am quite sure it’s a phase, it’s an interesting place to be for one who loves to read and acquire books. In some ways it severely restricts the decision making process for acquiring new books. I am left to consider three things. The cover, the publisher, the author. That works for authors and books already on my radar, but not so helpful for the new stuff. I haven’t found that I can judge books by their covers so much as to forgo other information.

When I go through a reading slump, it’s a simple enough thing to take a break and watch TV, and if I need a break from the blog, that’s pretty easily accomplished too, but I haven’t stopped being curious about books and what they might contain. It’s an odd thing when none of the jacket copy is appealing. I think it’s not helped by the fact that I also write summaries for book reviews. I’m tired of those too. Very interesting.

1DA652C2516038AE4D02F55645591F39 The Girl In The Green Raincoat, by Laura Lippman   Book Review

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  1. I get very tired of writing summaries too, they eventually start to all feel the same. I totally changed up my format for yesterday’s review, and that helped. It is statements like this that make me glad I use a loose schedule for reading, because I have this problem fairly often: nothing sounds good, or everything sounds good, but nothing sounds great.

  2. I got into a slump last year and it seemed like no matter what I would pick up from the library or try to read, I just couldn’t get into anything. I started just reading totally different books and I got out of the rut. I have really liked everything that I have read this year!

    I need to change my review format. I did a review and was told that my reviews may be telling too much of the story. I always try to do a good review and tell what it’s about, but I think I am going about it all wrong. Now I really need to take a look and try to improve my review style. I am too wordy and need to make it short and sweet. I will have to check out your review from yesterday that you were talking about.

  3. This happens to me too. The last time I was in a book store I left feeling disappointed which never ever happens. The book summary thing I’m sort of wishy-washy on. Sometimes I love a book and want to go on and on and sometimes I’m meh and can sum it up in two lines. I’ve stopped trying to write for a formula and go with what feels right for each review instead.

  4. I feel this way sometimes also. There are times when I even need a break from the book blogging world, but I think for me it’s mainly because I’m a librarian. Sometimes it feels like all books all the time, and I just have to step back and enjoy one of my other interests like knitting and give my brain a break from book talk.

  5. I usually read the blurb just once. If it’s a book I really want to read, I will probably remember its name later, but I won’t check the blurb again. So most times, by the time I start reading it, I usually have no idea of what the book is about. Which works for me. But I don’t think I can select a book without ever reading the blurb. Or at least not without reading reviews from the wonderful bloggers! πŸ™‚