January Recap/Pick of the Month & It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? (4)

My plan has been to read less this year. I have wanted to make  more deliberate choices about what I read, not rush to the next book, and generally dawdle a little on my way to choosing books that have great promise and end up being really rewarding. So far, so goo. I only read eight books this month, compared to months when I have read anywhere from 16-24.

January 2013

  • The Quiet American by Graham Greene
  • The Little Russian by Susan Sherman
  • The Dark Rose by Erin Kelly
  • Rage is Back by Adam Mansbach
  • Wise Men by Stuart Nadler
  • Lionheart by Sharon Kaye Penman
  • Hysteria by Megan Miranda
  • How To Tell If Your Cat Is Plotting To Kill You by Matthew Inman

Additionally, I interviewed:

It was a killer trying to figure out what my pick of the month would be as The Little Russian, The Dark Rose, Rage is Back, and Wise Men are all 5 star reads. All are very memorable. But Rage is Back is totally crazy and it works.

Rage is Back by Adam Mansbach

Last Week I Read

  • Lionheart by Sharon Kaye Penman
  • How To Tell If Your Cat Is Plotting to Kill You by Matthew Inman
  • Hysteria by Megan Miranda

Currently Reading

I’m almost finished with all of these, so my total for this week, might look unusually big.

  • The Twelve Tribes of Hattie by Ayana Mathis
  • It’s Your Move by Nick Savoy
  • Calling Me Home by Julie Kibler
  • Life after Life by Kate Atkinson

Coming Up Next:

Hmm??? No idea yet.

New Arrivals:

Neptune's Tear Cover with Cat paw

  • Neptune’s Tears by Susan Waggoner

Reviewed Last Week:

What are you reading this week?

1DA652C2516038AE4D02F55645591F39 Bring Up The Bodies by Hilary Mantel, Simon Vance (Narrator)  Audiobook Review

5 thoughts on “January Recap/Pick of the Month & It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? (4)

  1. It is amazing how your reading life changes when you start to read for yourself and not for whoever is sending you review copies! I see you are reading Calling Me Home, which I LOVED. I am about a disc away from finishing up Catherine the Great on audio, and a couple dozen pages away from finishing Stephen King’s short story collection Night Shift. No idea what I’m reading next!

  2. I am listening to Skinnydipping by Bethany Frankel, because I need something light and gentle right now, and am reading Creature Features, which is a humorous memoir about life on a farm. I am thinking that I need to read Rage is Back, because I loved your review, and it totally ensnared me.

    I am glad that you are reading on your own terms again. It just makes so much more sense to do it that way.

  3. I like the idea of reading more deliberately. Sounds like you had a good January for reading!

  4. I been fighting off migraines, so I tend to read a chick lit type books, but they have been enjoyable. I’ve got Life After Life on my stack and will get to it as soon as I can fully concentrate on reading. Have a great week.

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