Let The Water Wars Begin – Book Release Party 12.8.10

Water Wars Face Poster
I thought this was a boy. Nina thinks it's a girl.

Last Wednesday, I attended the book release party for Cameron Stracher’s YA debut, the The Water Wars at 200 Orchard.  Sourcebooks, a Chicago based publishing company, is really excited about this one.  From what I could gather, they don’t do many book release parties in NYC, so I was pleased to be in attendance at one of their exceptions to the rule.  The mustard bottles beneath the poster attest to the fact that there was good food.  A tasty little veggie platter and dipping sauce, along with mozzarella sticks, quesadillas and tasty little mini burgers made up the fare for the evening.  They know they way to my heart!

Cameron Stracher & Jason Pinter. Photo: Paul Samuelson

Among those attending were authors Jason Pinter and Adele Griffin.  I was especially excited to have the opportunity to chat with Adele since, along with co-author Lisa Brown, she appeared on the inaugural recording of The Underground Literary Society to chat about her illustrated novel Picture the Dead.

Nicole and hijacked friend Nina with Cameron Stracher.

I attended the party with my friend Nina, using the lure of free food and booze to bring her over to the Young Adult dark side. Stracher was there to smooth the way.  The considerable research that he has done into water shortages, drought and the future of this resource commonly thought of as inexhaustible, is impressive. The premise of his novel, written in an effort to interest his children in his writing and to lure them away from their Wii, is intriguing.  A brother and sister try to survive in a world where water is a hoarded resource more precious than gold or oil, and worth dying to control.

Stracher also answered the other burning question of the evening, because I had been wondering why the party was sponsored by Star Magazine.  As it turns out, by day he is an attorney for the media company, and he told me and Nina about his latest appearance on Access Hollywood. Just goes to show that you never know who you’re talking to or what writers also do to make a living.

I was startled to see myself in Shelf Awareness this morning. With Cameron Stracher and noted Bank Street College children's librarian, Lisa von Drasek.

I took some video of the event, but it was dark and on my phone, so you can’t see a lot, but Stracher gave an interesting chat on the origins of his book and the water concerns possibly facing the planet.  The audio is worth a listen.

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Fun, fun night! looking forward to reading the book.

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    1. I have accepted that it probably is. But in my defense I was thinking it was a story about a boy, but I see there is a sister involved as well.

    1. Thanks Sandy! I might be gender blind as well as a little color blind. My mom and I can never agree on colors. I can’t figure out definitively which of us has the issue, but I suspect it might be me.

  1. I SO want to read this book! I asked for a copy but haven’t received one yet. I opened Shelf Awareness the other day and saw your friendly face! How exciting.