Literary Feasts – The Beginners, by Rebecca Wolff/ Lamb Chops With Green Peas and Mashed Potatoes

lamb chops with peas and potatoes

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Food in books usually serves a purpose greater than just the delight of my food loving heart. What people eat and how they react to it gives insight into their socio-economic status, tastes and preferences and character. In The Beginner, by Rebecca Wolff, Ginger’s mother has a view of food the informs the way you see her and her relationship to her daughter…

I heard my mother’s call from downstairs. We had lamb chops that night, and so I know we also had small green peas and mashed potatoes and mint jelly. Frozen peas, reconstituted potatoes from a box, jelly from a vacuum sealed jar; these are the ends by which we come by our means. What more can we ask? My mother hated to cook-“didn’t care about food”; “would just as soon have gone without”-though she never said this out loud, only muttered it under her breath as she she stripped the yellow fat from raw chicken breasts, or sliced a bitter cucumber expertly against her pink thumbs in the salad bowl. I am grateful that she saw the necessity of feeding her growing daughter as long as she did.

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