Literary Feasts: The First Husband, by Laura Dave/ Lobster Scrambled Eggs

Lobster and Eggs

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I always feel like I have hit the jackpot when a character in a book is a chef. Yummy things are usually in store, and that is definitely the case in The First Husband by Laura Dave, due out next week. The novel is a delightful read, all about trying to figure life out in the aftermath of a breakup that is completely unexpected. Trying to put her life back together, Annie Adams meets a sexy chef who makes her lobster eggs in the middle of the night as she is trying out life as a newly single. Here is what Annie had to say about those eggs…

They were totally and completely delicious. The single most delicious thing I had ever tasted. I’d tasted all sorts of things that had competed for that ranking – a mustard coated prime rib in Salzburg, Germany; blowfish in Kyoto; chocolate covered crickets in Nova Scotia- but nothing like these eggs. How do you describe something that good? They tasted like cotton candy, but the egg version. They were creamy and rich and they melted as soon as they touched my tongue, as soon as I tasted the sea-salty edge of them.

I’m disappointed that it’s so hard to see the lobster! Also, not sure about the chocolate covered crickets!

Laura and I chatted about me liking her book and those eggs, and she graciously shared her recipe for lobster eggs on Twitter with me.

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We were all hungry after that!

There are more yummy posts about food, cookbooks, recipes and novels featuring food over at Weekend Cooking, hosted by Beth Fish Reads. Check it out!

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Photo Credit: Flickr: Scrambled Eggs and Lobster – Sklathill

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  1. Oh well, thank you very much Nicole, now I have to go in search of scrambled eggs and lobster. Yummy! I’ve eaten chocolate covered crickets before and I only tasted the chocolate (maybe I only let myself taste the chocolate:D)

  2. I have never had lobster eggs, and by looking at that picture and description, I know now that I have been missing out! Thanks for sharing this…I can see a new breakfast in my future!

  3. Ooooo, Lobster Scrambled Eggs…imagine me doing the Homes Simpson droool! Yummers! I love books with food themes and cook & chef characters. Laura Dave is an author who has been on my tbr list for too long and still, I have yet to read The Divorce Party and now The First Husband sounds wonderful! I need to clone myself and get some hours added to my day specifically for reading!

    Fun post, Nicole!