Literary Feasts: Keeping the Feast, by Paula Butturini

Cover Image - Keeping The Feast, by Paula Butturini

Cover Image - Keeping The Feast, by Paula ButturiniItaly will always be a special place here at Linus’s Blanket because that is pretty much where it got its birth as a book blog.  Before that it was an all-purpose/keep up with friends type venture.  I started posting reviews of books that I was reading as I was vacationing in Italy and I never looked back.  Close to two years later here we are.

It is no secret, and in fact I try to talk about it as much as possible, that I am a big lover of all things food and eating, so I was really excited to READ  a book (Keeping the Feast, by Paula Butturini) heavily featuring ITALY and heavily featured FOOD.  All of the capitalized items are really GOOD things!  This book, so far has not disappointed me and has probably managed to pull me put of my reading slump as nothing else could.

Keeping the Feast, is the story of how Paula Butturini sustained her family in hard times through  food and love, and how her family was able to heal using simple rituals celebrating those things.

Food was present immediately in this memoir. Bam, right on the second page.

I woke up early, dressed, walked out the door and over to the Campo.  I would buy a shiny, plump purple-black eggplant.  Or a handful of slender green beans, so fresh and young  you could eat them raw.  I bought three golden pears, or a heavy bunch of fat green grapes.  I bought a few slices of Milanese Salami, a bit of veal.  I bought a thin slab of creamy gorgonzola, to spread on crusty, still warm bread.

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Okay, just popping in to share that really quickly.  I have to get back to my book!

If you enjoyed this post wander over to the Weekend Cooking at Beth Fish Reads.  There you’ll find a yummy collection of food related posts.  I love it!

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    1. It’ definitely a good study of Italian style food and there are some great parts where she and her husband stay with a family in a village about an hour outside of Rome, and they talk about the meals and the siestas. But other than that not too much is described of Rome or Italy itself.

  1. This is already on my Goodreads to-read list, but now I’m really hungry for it! (Pun intended.)
    .-= Madeleine´s last blog ..These Three Remain by Pamela Aidan; Review =-.