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Hot Dog

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In Janet Goss’s Perfect on Paper, Dana Mayo is a woman finally getting back into dating after realizing that she has carried the torch for an inappropriate man for far too long. She meets two men, both of whom may  be inappropriate for their own reasons, but that doesn’t stop her from diving right in to try to figure out which one she should be with.

Look at the food choices that happen when she meets one of them for a date at the famed Katz’s Deli in NYC.

Ah. But I could  order a knish. A nice, bland, relatively compact knish. We approached the counter where Billy caught the eye of a server.

“I’ll have a knish,” he said.

Great, I thought. I wasn’t about to order the same thing. What else on the menu was smallish?

“I’ll take a hot dog.”

What the hell had I ordered that for? There was no genteel way for a woman to eat a hot dog. Now I was about to sit directly across from Billy Moody and go down on a six-inch length of meat.

Hot Dog, pictured above.  Photo source: Burning Love (checkout their post on how to grill the perfect hot dog.

I agree. I t’s pretty hard to be genteel with a hot dog.

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