Literary Feasts: Shiver, by Maggie Stiefvater

Literary Feasts

Literary FeastsIt’s rare that I will read acknowledgements in a book.  Most times I feel a little guilty about not reading about all the people who went into the monumental task of creating the book, but I figure that they’re not really there for me anyway and I move on.  I did read them in Shiver, however, because they were right opposite the end page of the book and my eyes had moved onto them before I realized that they were not more of the story.  So, as a note, if you want your acknowldgement read, try that.

Anyway, long story short, I read the acknowledgments and found of that the author is a fan of Iron Chef, which makes a lot of sense to me being that Shiver had food references galore.  Let’s take a look at some of the literary feasts in this book, shall we?

Grace has her friend Olivia over after school and makes scones for her.  Wait, really?  I want to be Grace’s friend.  I may have been in danger of being served a store bought muffin, but never a homemade scone.

Back at my house I made coffee and cranberry scones for us, and we sat at the kitchen table looking at a stack of Olivia’s latest photos under the yellow ceiling light.

Then Grace and Sam have a friend over to Grace’s place and they make quiche.  Can I just say that I love Grace, and that if Sam ever does her wrong she should look me up?

Grace was already involved with cutting shortening and flour in a bowl by the time I’d finished cracking the eggs and whisking in some mayonnaise.  The kitchen was suddenly full of activity, as if we were legion.

I don’t really know if Grace liked to cook.  It seems more that she might have developed the habit because she had so often been called upon to fend for herself.  Like when her mom tells her to have leftovers for dinner.

So we won’t be back until late tonight,” Mom’s message concluded.  “Remember there’s leftovers in the fridge, and of course we have the phone if you need us.

My leftovers.  From the casserole I’d made.

Now Grace doesn’t specify what type of casserole she had made, but I took the liberty of deciding that it was a chicken casserole because I really like chicken casserole. I also made it a Burmese Chicken Casserole because it looks so yummy!

I would tell you about when Grace and Sam decide to take a trip out on the town one night, but I have to save something for the book!

Grace…call me!

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